How we selected the best speaker wire for car audio?

Speaker cables link speakers to amplifiers and radios. They are in charge of transmitting energy to the speakers, and while they do not generate sound, they have a substantial impact on speaker performance. But what is the best speaker wire for car audio? Let us investigate.

The greatest speaker wire does not have to be expensive to provide a million-dollar sound. Even the most basic cable may have your speakers going in no time. However, many speakers do not come with wiring, necessitating a trip to the store. So, whether you’re just getting started with your system or seeking to extend your current setup, we’ll explain some of the terminologies and assist you in picking the best speaker wire for car audio.

What Is the best speaker wire for car audio?

What Is the best speaker wire for car audio?
What Is the best speaker wire for car audio?

In general, the finest speaker cables for car audio are those that are particularly developed for automobile audio. While the loudspeaker wire gauge is significant, speaker wire impedance should be the most important factor to consider when selecting speakers for the greatest sound quality. Speaker wire resistance, on the other hand, varies with speaker channel length and speaker power output.

Because of the greater speaker series resistance in the same wire volume, a 16-gauge loudspeaker wire can have up to 50% more speaker wire impedance than an 18 g speaker wire at the same length. When speaker power is tripled, speaker wire resistance rises by 9% and speaker watts fall by around 6%. So, while selecting speaker cables for automobile audio, consider speaker wire length to ensure that you fulfill the speaker input power requirements.

As a general guideline, total cable resistance should not exceed 5% of the impedance of the speaker. For 2-ohm speakers, for example, 16 gauge wire is appropriate for up to a 12-foot length between both the radio and a speaker, however, 18 gauge cable cannot be more than 8 feet.

8 Best speaker wire for car audio

Mediabridge 14AWG 2-Conductor Speaker Wire

Mediabridge 14AWG 2-Conductor Speaker Wire
Mediabridge 14AWG 2-Conductor Speaker Wire: best speaker wire for car audio

The Mediabridge 14AWG 2-Conductor speaker wire is among the best available for high-end audio speakers and home theater installations. This 2-conductor speaker cable makes it simple to connect speakers to amps or AV receivers. It is constructed of an extensive list of oxygen-free copper (0.16mm x 105 strands) and 14 AWG wires that are designed to transmit high-quality music signals without deterioration. This speaker wire is great for bespoke installations since the wires are color-coded to indicate left/right for matching polarity.

Furthermore, for professional bespoke installations, you may couple the speaker wire with bananas plugs, spade tips, or bent pin connections; it is wrapped around a durable spool for easy measurement and cutting. The speaker wire also includes a robust external flexible white insulation jacket that is color-coded for polarities and marked at 3-foot intervals for ease of installation, which we enjoyed. This enables you to use the cables for undistorted sound quality and performance. Aside from the high construction quality, these speaker wires are ETL registered and CL2 rated, indicating that they are suitable for in-wall installation. These wires are flexible, making them simple to install and free of performance concerns.

These speaker cables are suitable for high-end sound loudspeakers and home theater systems, and they are banana plug compatible. We didn’t notice any signal or hissing difficulties while using these cables, and then they can deliver sufficient signal strength to the speakers from the AV receiver. Overall, the Mediabridge 14 AWG 2-Conductor wire is among the best speaker wires available, and it works well for any speaker audio installation.

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MaxBrite High Performance 12 Gauge Speaker Wire: best speaker wire for car audio

Choose the MaxBrite High Performance 12 Gauge speaker wire if you want the best gauge speaker wire for high-performance music. These are very thick cables that are designed to transmit audio signals over greater distances without compromising signal quality, and they enable excellent transmitted signals for home cinema and speakers. These speaker cables include a flexible transparent PVC jacket and red stripe polarity, allowing for quick and easy installation.

The 12 AWG wire gauge is constructed of 65 threads of pure copper cable per channel, ensuring clarity and an undistorted signal for home cinema systems. The wires are constructed of oxygen-free copper conductors and are suitable with bare wire connections, banana plugs, spade tips, and bent pin connectors. These are high-quality speaker cables suitable for high-end speaker setups and audio systems.

Furthermore, the MaxBrite speaker cables are UL safety approved and NEC 725 Class 2 rated for usage in both residential and commercial settings. For ease of installation, they are additionally marked every 2 feet in descending sequence from the start of the reel to the core. While we must confess that these speaker wires are not the most visually appealing cables on the market, they work admirably.

They are ideal for any speaker-to-amplifier cabling and enable excellent signal transfer with little distortion. With these cables, the music from higher-end loudspeakers should be substantially clearer. Overall, the MaxBrite 12 AWG wires are among the best speaker cables available for high-end sound performance setups, and we strongly recommend them.

NavePoint In-Wall 16/2 AWG Speaker Wire

Choose the Nave Point in-wall 16/2 AWG speaker wire if you want the greatest in-wall speaker wire. It’s one of the best speaker wires for connecting speakers to amps or receivers, especially for installing in-wall speakers. This speaker wire is comprised of high-quality materials and has 64 strands of 0.16mm copper-plated aluminum. The cable is 500 feet long in bulk, with a white PVC jacket and handy pull box packing with a clip for easy storage.

Despite the fact that these speaker cables are not produced from oxygen-free copper wires, they offer exceptional simplicity and freedom of installation. We obtained good sound quality from these wires, and there was no difference in sound performance between these speaker wires and high-quality cables. They also have a handy pull box for DIY projects and professional installations.

These cables have a CL2 rating and are intended for in-wall installations. The main advantage of these wires is that they come in a bulk length of roughly 500 feet, giving you plenty of opportunities to experiment with them and for flexible installations. The sole disadvantage is that these cables are oxygen-wrapped aluminum wires, which are not the greatest type of wiring available. However, if you are considering in-wall installations and require extensive connections, the NavePoint speaker cables provide exceptional value for money.

Gear IT 16 AWG Speaker Wire

Gear IT 16 AWG Speaker Wire
Gear IT 16 AWG Speaker Wire: best speaker wire for car audio

If you’re seeking for the greatest speaker wire on a budget, the Gear IT 16 AWG speaker cable is the way to go. These are budget-friendly speaker wires constructed from excellent stranded conductors and professional quality speaker wire audio cable. They are appropriate for bespoke and professional speaker setups; they connect to your speakers using banana plugs, spade tips, or bent pin connections. They are also suitable for connecting your A/V receiver or amp to your speakers.

Please keep in mind that all these speaker wires are not constructed from oxygen-free copper wire, but rather from copper-clad aluminum wires. While they do not transmit signals as well as OFC cables, they are cheaper and more elastic than copper wires. Copper-covered aluminum wires are far less expensive than pure copper wires, making them suitable for budget solutions if you require a dependable pair of wires for speaker setup.

The GearIT speaker wires are coiled around a hard plastic core that allows for simple dispensing, measuring, and cutting. They also include sequential foot lines printed on the jacket, allowing for precise measurements and a simple setup. The PVC covering is robust and flexible, allowing audio speakers to produce a clear sound. If you need to establish a home theater system or automobile audio system quickly and don’t mind copper-covered aluminum wires, those wires should be simple to install and inexpensive. Overall, the Gear IT 16 AWG wire is among the best affordable speaker wires available and comes highly recommended.

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Monoprice Access Series 14 Gauge Speaker Wire: best speaker wire for car audio

Monoprice Access Series 14 Gauge Speaker Wire
Monoprice Access Series 14 Gauge Speaker Wire: best speaker wire for car audio

This speaker wire is among the finest for audiophile loudspeakers and high-end setups. It’s basically a 14 gauge AWG CL2 rated 2 wire speaker wire composed of high-purity, o2 bare copper. It delivers excellent sound and sound quality transmission, resulting in a better panorama and image with low resistance, ensuring that your audio information is carried without interference. The wiring kit includes a spool of 250 consecutive feet of 12 AWG 2-conductor loudspeaker wire. These cables are intended for in-wall installation.

The white outer jacket is CL2 certified, making it suitable for usage within residential building walls. For ease of installation, each wire conductivity has its own color-coded jacket wrapped within the exterior white CL2 jacket. The acoustic quality of the Monoprice Accessibility Series 14 gauge cable impressed us. These wires transmit music very smoothly and without distortion. They provide high-quality sound that is constant at all volume levels while adding little impedance to the total sound stream.

The sound quality from your speakers will be substantially better and crisper with these speaker cables. Because they are reduced cables, the signal passing from the AV receivers to the speakers is considerably cleaner, resulting in better sound performance. They’re ideal for multi-purpose applications and in-wall loudspeaker installations. Overall, the Monoprice Access Line 14 AWG wire is among the best speaker wires available, providing excellent sound quality, and we strongly suggest it for audiophile use.

InstallGear 12 Gauge Speaker Wire: best speaker wire for car audio

InstallGear 12 Gauge speaker cables are thick speaker wires suited for high-end audiophile listening and home theater use. It is a 30-foot (9.1m) wire manufactured of oxygen-free copper genuine spec stranded wire. The wires are protected by tough frosted PVC coats and feature two-color jackets for simple polarity identification. They also come in a little spool for convenient storing. These speaker cables are ideal for professional home theater systems due to their high number of very thin copper strands and flexibility.

The insulation is simple to peel, and the thin strands are simple to put over banana plugs. They are also highly flexible wires, lying flat on the floor with no curvature from being on the ground. These speaker cables are ideal for home theater installations and include a tough PVC covering that allows them to be easily routed through automobile panels or home theater systems. They fit into most crimp terminals and the PVC jacket readily pulls off for a quick installation.

Furthermore, the low memory jacket on these wires allows them to be routed near to wainscoting for in-wall speakers. They also fit into most bananas plugs and connection pins with ease. Overall, these 12 gauge finely braided 99.9% OFC cables are ideal for speakers and home theaters, providing distortion-free high-resolution sound performance. Choose the InstallGear 12 Gauge speaker wire if you want the best speaker cable with great sound quality and versatile installation choices.

C&E 12 AWG Enhanced Speaker Wire

C&E 12 AWG Enhanced Speaker Wire
C&E 12 AWG Enhanced Speaker Wire: best speaker wire for car audio

Choose the C&E 12 AWG Enhanced audio wire if you need high-end speaker cables for audiophile speaker setups. This 99.99 percent oxygen-free copper speaker wire gauge provides a very flexible and simple way to connect speakers to amps or receivers. The thickness of these wires is just enough to provide impedance and electrical flow while avoiding overheating. The wires are simple to install; one side of the cable is labeled with a red line, allowing it fast and easy to differentiate the polarity and properly configure your audio system. The C&E 12 AWG speaker wire may be shortened to fit individual installation requirements.

If the rubber jacket is discarded, the cable can be left bare or connected to the stereo and speakers using wire crimp equipment. The plastic jacket that wraps around the speaker wire aids in the transmission of high-quality, garbled signals to and from your sound devices and home theater speakers. This also contributes to the insulation of in-wall installations. You may also use this speaker wire connecting your speakers to your amplifiers or home theater receiver by combining it with banana plugs, spade tips, or bent pin connections.

These speaker cables have excellent sound quality and performance; they eliminate distortion and audio impurities, resulting in an enhanced audio listening experience. You get the impression that after these cables are changed, your home cinema speakers will have much better sound projection and vocal performances. The flexible transparent PVC jacket with red streak polarity enables quick and precise installs and readily peels off during installation.

Overall, the C&E is an extremely high-end speaker wire built for high-end speaker installations and high-quality sound performance, and it is a good audio investment if you want premium speaker cables for your home speaker setup.

Ultra Series Speaker Cable 12 AWG: best speaker wire for car audio

One of the greatest speaker wires in the Mediabridge Ultra series is the Ultra Series 12 AWG speaker wire. They are intended to provide high-quality signal connections between audio components and an A/V receiver or amplifier. These cables have soldered banana plug stops and are ideal for high-end sound systems. These speaker cables are also CL2 certified for in-wall installations. The Ultra Class wires are 12 AWG dual conductor wires with coding to identify left from right for matching polarity. They also include brass/copper bananas plugs for standard and specialized installations. The gold-plated connections and oxygen-free stranded copper coils (high strand count) deliver clarity, natural sound correctness, and little signal distortion.

These wires are built to last and keep their integrity also when twisted and twisted. They have a non-slip PVC Y-Boot and a tough, stretchy nylon sheath. They are audiophile-grade professional wires that are simple to install without the effort of cutting and dealing with your speaker connections. The Mediabridge Ultra cables are intended for easy installation. They are ready to use, with each end attached to a port on a piece of suitable equipment. This implies that you may use these speaker cables right away. Overall, they are some of the finest speaker wires for producing high-quality sound and are quite sturdy cables.

How we selected the best speaker wire for car audio

How we selected the best speaker wire for car audio
How we selected the best speaker wire for car audio

To choose the best speaker cables, we considered wire composition, gauge, and manufacturer to guarantee overall dependability. We examined over 25 suggested brands, read research publications, and analyzed first-hand user evaluations, delving deeply into the argument over the link between cable quality and pricing. We also examined our own home devices and recommended wiring that we had utilized to add a personal touch. While it is entirely up to you to evaluate if you notice a noticeable change in audio quality when utilizing certain cables, each of our recommendations will create a strong, robust connection for outstanding sound.

Considerations when purchasing the best speaker wire for car audio

There appear to be a limitless amount of speaker wires to pick from, but in fact, most wires are pretty similar when joining the majority of speakers. To choose the best speaker wires for you, you must first analyze and comprehend the terminology used by manufacturers to describe them. We’ll go through terminology like resistance, gauge, and resistance before showing you some goods we believe in.

Material and function

Speaker wire is used to link speakers to amplifiers and to connect individual speakers to supply the electrical charge signal that produces an accurate, dynamic sound. While we refer to speaker wire as a single entity, each speaker is really connected by two individually encased conductors (at least). These distinct positively and negatively strands are usually identified in some way to indicate input audio polarity so they can correctly match the same stations by + and – or generally colored red or black—on both your amplifier and speaker. This ensures that the right voltage is transmitted and received.

Copper, cerium aluminum (CCA), and o2 copper are the most common materials used in speaker cables. The variations are minor; CCA is less expensive and has somewhat greater resistance, whilst oxygen-free choices exist in a variety of grades that indicate stronger conductivity or durability. Silver and gold wire are also available, albeit the difference in effectiveness is minor. While there might be slight variances in sound—for example, the silver wire may have a tighter soprano and gold wire a rounder, warmer mid-range—the details aren’t worth the extra expense unless in the most high-end, carefully tuned systems. Although some wires are wrapped in rubber, most speaker wires are insulated with plastic such as Teflon or PVC.


The resistance of a speaker wire is the most crucial factor to consider while purchasing. Low resistance permits the wire to stimulate more of the amplifier’s power to activate the speaker’s voice coil, which is wiring beneath the driver that generates a magnetic field when exposed to electricity, causing the speaker’s cone to move when exposed to a waveform. To put it simply, a greater signal means cleaner, clearer sound.

A wire’s resistance can be affected by several factors, including height, thickness, and impedance. Impedance, measured in ohms, is frequently stated in speaker product specifications (typically 4, 6, or 8). While you don’t need to grasp the physics behind impedance to know that the volts of your converter and speakers should match, remember that the smaller the resistance, the more vital it is to look for low impedance in your wiring.


The gauge, or diameter, also known as thickness, of speaker wires is a significant distinction; the lower the evaluation number, the thicker the wire. Factors depend on the American Wire Gauge (AWG) standard, and 12-, 14-, 16-, and 18-gauge speaker wires are available, with 12 being the thickest. Thicker wires lower resistance in general, although they are only required in particular conditions.

You don’t need a wire thinner than 16 gauge if you have 8-ohm loudspeakers and less than 50 feet of cable running to the amplifier. A thicker 12- or 14-gauge wire will minimize resistance and provide a more stable, constant conduit if you need to traverse a long-distance or have low-impedance speakers. If you’re not sure what size you need, go with a thicker choice to minimize sound degradation.

Considerations when purchasing the best speaker wire for car audio
Considerations when purchasing the best speaker wire for car audio

Types of connectors and wires

Speaker wires can be purchased with or without connections; it is up to you whether to buy a package or a raw wire spool and pick your own termination. (Don’t forget to acquire a wire stripper/cutter if you’re doing this.) If your speaker has binding posts (circular sockets), a banana plug is ideal, but a pin connection is required for a springtime clip termination. You may use bare cables for either connection, and they can also be difficult to manage.

If you’re connecting shelf speakers or desk screens, you don’t need to bother about the cable type. If you want to run wire through your walls, search for a device with a CL2 or CL3 rating. If you’re going to run the cable outside or underground, ensure sure it’s rated for “direct burial.”


There is much disagreement on whether pricey speaker cables outperform lower-cost alternatives. The general agreement is no; listening testing and a significant study conducted by audio specialists concur that the performance of your speaker cable will most likely be consistent.

We recommend choosing a speaker cable in the center of the price range; the cheapest cable may not be made to endure, and the most costly cable may not increase the quality of your music. We recommend reserving part of your funds for more crucial pieces of gear that will have a bigger influence on your performance, such as amps/receivers, connectors, and other components.


The best speaker wire for car audio will connect your system effectively, give the correct quantity of energy, and help in perfect audio reproduction. While there are numerous cables available, it’s crucial to remember not to overthink your purchase and instead choose a mid-range solution that will meet the demands of your amp and speakers.

The cable should cost no more than 5% to 10% of your system’s budget. Of course, if you’re an audiophile eager to test the limits of each sort of wire, it might be worthwhile to conduct your own test with higher-end substances; however, many of us probably wouldn’t notice between top-quality speaker wires and less expensive options as much as we will notice the difference among music and no music.