How To Identify HDMI Cable Version?

How to identify HDMI cable version? In this article, we will show how to determine the version of the HDMI cable if you are interested. How can you determine which HDMI cable you are using when there are so many on the market?

You cannot tell the version of the HDMI cable you have by looking at it because the version is not printed on the cable. Furthermore, it is not possible to determine just by looking at it because the different versions are not physically different in any discernible way.

What Is HDMI?


Before learning about how to identify HDMI cable version we will learn about HDMI. A standard for sending digital video and audio simultaneously from a source, such as a computer or TV cable box, to a computer monitor, TV, or projector is called HDMI, which stands for Multimedia Interface High definition convenience. Almost all TVs and computer monitors today support this interface, first created by a group of electronics manufacturers.

To improve on current connection standards (such as DVI and component video) in 2002, the HDMI initiative aimed to develop a smaller connector that supported embedded audio and provided high definition video output. than. Due to how well HDMI evolved, shipments of HDMI-enabled devices overtook DVI in 2008. By the end of 2009, every HDTV has at least one HDMI connector.

What Are HDMI Cables?

Through a single HDMI cable and an HDMI connection, each of which is capable of transmitting high-resolution digital video, theater-quality sound, and device commands made to handle a video resolution and HDMI-specified characteristics.

There are three sizes of HDMI connectors: normal, mini, and micro.

Additionally, there are various kinds of HDMI cables (see the chart below). Even if not all cables have the logo, the cable specifications should specify whether it is Standard, High Speed, Premium High Speed, or Ultra High Speed. If the kind is not specified, proceed with caution.

How To Identify HDMI Cable Version

How To Identify HDMI Cable Version

High-definition video and audio information are transmitted using an HDMI digital interface. Different resolutions, data rates, refresh rates and audio formats are supported by different versions of HDMI. The three most popular versions are HDMI 1.4, 2.0, and 2.1.

You can ensure that your device is compatible with an HDMI cable by knowing your HDMI version. Here is how to identify HDMI cable version.

Check Out The Cable

This Is the first method of how to identify HDMI cable version. The highest resolution that an HDMI cable can offer is usually marked or printed on the cable. Simply look to see if 4K, 8K, or 10K are printed on the cable. It might be printed there as well.

It is either HDMI 1.4 or HDMI 2.0 if it has 4K printing on it. Another way to tell whether something is HDMI 2.1 is if the label says 8K or 10K.

Check The Specifications

Typically, the HDMI cable’s specifications are written on the packaging it arrives in. Normally, this section would indicate the HDMI version.

If it isn’t, find out the highest resolution that your cable can support and compare it to the requirements of various HDMI versions. Your cable’s HDMI version will be made visible. You can do a comparison using the image below.

Check The Website

Another method how to identify HDMI cable version is to check the website. The cable specifications are typically available on the website if you purchase the cable online. Simply identify your product and review its specifications to determine the HDMI version.

If the website doesn’t specify the HDMI version, you can compare the specifications we covered in the prior approach.

How To Identify HDMI Cable Version: An HDMI 2.0 Cable

An HDMI 2.0 Cable

How to identify HDMI cable version? specifically the type of HDMI 2.0 cable. Modern HDMI 2.0 cables, such as this one from Capshi, are most likely stamped or labeled “4K” on them. It can also be printed there. It’s an HDMI 2.0 cable identification method.

Another approach is to look at its specs. HDMI 2.0 supports resolutions up to 4K at 60 Hz and bandwidth up to 18 GB/s. Check your specs to see if they include these numbers.

How To Identify HDMI Cable Version: An HDMI 2.1 Cable

Modern HDMI 2.1 cables have 8K or 10K printed on them or on the package box, as we described in the part above. There are other ways to recognize an HDMI 2.1 cable besides that.

An HDMI 2.1 cable can be recognized by reading through its specifications or visiting the manufacturer’s website.


The above are ways for you to distinguish HDMI cables. HDMI cables are a very common cable and come in many varieties. However, they are so similar in appearance that it is distracting to distinguish between the types. This is also the reason for this article to be born. We’ve given you tips on how to identify HDMI cable version. Hope you already know how to recognize the version of the HDMI cable. Using the right device can help you and your device when it comes to using and getting the most out of each device.