The Best UE Wonderboom 2 Review

The Best UE Wonderboom 2 review: Since its release, the original UE Wonderboom has topped the list of best waterproof speakers for good reason: It’s sturdy, plays louder than its small size, and can be connected to additional UE Wonderboom speakers to boost the sound.

While the UE Wonderboom 2 is virtually identical to the first model, Ultimate Ears includes a number of improvements that make it even better, including 30% longer battery life, improved bass response, and a Boost option. The new outdoor power allows the speakers to become even louder than before.

The UE Wonderboom 2 is one of the best portable speakers you can buy overall because the combination of these seemingly small improvements doesn’t just place it on our list of the best waterproof speakers. Here is UE Wonderboom 2 giving you information about this great speaker.

The UE Wonderboom 2 Review

ue wonderboom 2 review

UE Wonderboom 2 Review: Sound Quality

We launched Spotify Premium on iPhone and started listening to Kurt Elling’s song The Waking. The increased bass that UE promises is present and improves mixing, which is the first thing to notice. Elling’s voice is as straightforward as we expected, but it never takes center stage due in part to the additional bass.

The Wonderboom 2 sounds as round and accurate as we can expect for the price. The presentation is also progressive. The bass’s dual bass makes it possible to hear certain subtle tunes that weren’t immediately apparent in the original.

When we turn to Aerosmith’s Water Song, the glass harmonica, wind gong, and bullroarer at the beginning of the song are very chilling. Janie’s Gun, a clear and explosive simultaneous drum beat, is another highlight of the song. The fact that Stephen Tyler’s vocals are sublime and complex riffs audible on such a small speaker is no small feat.

Wonderboom 2 can now be used for picnics and at the beach thanks to its outdoor mode, which is a great addition. It allows the speaker to focus on the most audible frequencies outside, so there’s no doubt it’s more of a gimmick.

UE Wonderboom 2 Review: Build

ue wonderboom 2 review

In a short period of time, a lot has changed. UE Wonderboom 2 is slightly taller and fatter by almost 3mm than the original Wonderboom. There have been some interior changes, however, they are barely noticeable at first glance. The new chipset offers clearer sound, improved battery life, and, most significantly, 10% more bass than the previous model.

Additionally, Wonderboom 2 has a new “boost” button on the bottom of the device for external use. When pushed, this limits the bass frequencies so that the UE can pronounce the mids and higher frequencies louder. When using an external device, it is said to be easier to hear sounds because of this.

UE Wonderboom 2 Review: Features

ue wonderboom 2 review

From the 10 hours of the first-generation Wonderboom, battery life has been raised to 13 hours, and a full charge still takes just under three hours. The new version is fully IP67 rated, which means that in addition to being waterproof and intended to float like the original, it is now sand- and dust-proof. It’s helpful if the Wonderboom 2 becomes partially buried during a picnic or beach party.

There is now a circular button where the branding formerly was on the top of the speaker, which can be used to link two Wonderboom 2s together to “double up” the sound. The center button on two new speakers now pairs them in stereo mode, replacing the capability that was offered in the original version. Older Wonderboom models cannot be used with a new Wonderboom model in stereo, however, you may still pair them in mono.

The top chord loop is now flat, elastic, and has a rubber slider in the center. We like this better than many of the adjustments. Although the tie-dyes and wavy patterns are no longer present, at least temporarily, the Wonderboom 2 is still available in red, black, blue, grey, and a millennial pink that UE labels “Just Peach.”

The distinctive yellow charger has been swapped out for a white cord reminiscent of Apple’s, but generally, the Wonderboom 2 looks and feels more upscale than the first model.

There is still no built-in microphone or voice assistant, and the only connector is a micro-USB for charging. Like the original model, the Wonderboom 2 cannot be controlled via an app. Because the portable speaker formula is so successful, Ultimate Ears decided against over-egging it. However, this shouldn’t be an issue.

UE Wonderboom 2 Review: Price

Similar to the original Wonderboom, the diminutive portable speaker can be purchased in the US, UK, and Australia for a reasonable price of $99.99, £89.99, and AU$129.

The original Wonderboom will still be available for a while, and a business representative said that it will be offered at a discount while it’s still in stock.


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