Some Best Ways: How To Fix Bluetooth Audio System Delay (Windows, Macbook. Android, IOS…)

You are watching a YouTube video with a Bluetooth audio system that you use every day. Suddenly, you realize something is different. You move closer to the screen to see and wonder about something.
Why doesn’t the sound and animation on the video match? And you found out, that’s right!

The video’s movements from the singer’s mouth, precede the sound. After a while of searching on Google, you discovered that your headset is having a delay or delay in sound compared to the corresponding image.
In this article, will discuss about: How To Fix Bluetooth Audio System Delay (Windows, Macbook…). Let’s started now:

Why Bluetooth Audio System Has Been Delay?

To know why your Bluetooth Audio is lagging or delaying the sound. First, you need to understand what audio latency is, and how audio is transmitted over Bluetooth.
Audio system delay is understood as the time it takes for loading audio information to be transmitted from the source (be it a computer, laptop, or phone) to your speakers or headphones. This delay is measured in milliseconds to perform the conversion of digital data to audio signals over a wireless (bluetooth) or cable (wired) connection to your headphones.

With a normal cable connection, the audio delay will be around 5-10ms. But for devices that connect wirelessly, Bluetooth will have an ideal latency of 34ms to 100-300ms for true wireless or Bluetooth headsets.
In the Bluetooth data transmission chain, you need a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver will receive information from a transmitter hub. This audio signal needs bandwidth to send to the receiver bub. The larger the audio signal (i.e. the higher the sound quality), it will need more bandwidth to reach the receiver hub source.

Can you imagine that bandwidth as the road, and the magnitude of the audio signal as the volume of traffic passing through?  If the road is narrow, then it will not be enough for the traffic to pass easily and leading to congestion.
The same goes for the transmitted audio signal.

Causes affecting Bluetooth audio system delay

There are 4 factors that affect or are the main causes of Bluetooth audio system delay or delay when you use Bluetooth audio, or headphones:
– Audio Encoding Program – Bluetooth Codec.
– Signal jamming.
– Distance between transmitter and Bluetooth audio system.
– Bluetooth version
– Size and quality of audio files.

Audio Encoding Program – Bluetooth Codec

Bluetooth codec is a type of algorithm, that performs the steps of compression, encoding, and decoding of sound data.
During compression, the codec packet reduces the size of the sound data to avoid congestion because of the limited bandwidth and encodes it into a transportable data form. Then, they decode the previously compressed sound data to convert it back to a sound signal that we can hear it.

Currently, major technology companies also develop a lot of audio encoding programs, and each of them has its own formula for compressing and transferring sound data.
Some of the popular codecs I currently have are summarized below or referred to here.

Bluetooth Codec Max Bitrate Bit Depth Max Frequency Year
SBC 320 kbps 16 bit 48.0 kHz 2003
AAC 264 kbps 16 bit 44.1 kHz 2015
aptX 352 kbps 16 bit 48.0 kHz 2009
aptX HD 576 kbps 24 bit 48.0 kHz 2016
aptX LL 352 kbps 16 bit 44.1 kHz 2016
LDAC 990 kbps 24 bit 96.0 kHz 2015
LC3 N/A N/A N/A 2020

The higher the Bitrate Codec program, the lower the delay for your Bluetooth Audio System.

Signal jamming

As unwanted frequency signals, they reduce the speed at which audio data is transferred from the source to your headphones.
Devices such as a wireless computer mouse, a Wifi connection, a TV or any similar technology device, or even a smartwatch or a microwave oven. They emit radio waves that affect the transmission of the signal to your headphones.

Distance between Device and Bluetooth Audio System

The farther the distance, the slower the audio transmission from the transmitter to your headphones will be. Or sometimes, there will be a loss or interruption of the sound.
The maximum distance for your connected device and Speaker to work well is variable, depending on your surrounding location. If there are many obstacles such as concrete walls, then the distance will be narrowed.

Bluetooth Version

Similar to the Bluetooth Codec, not all versions of Bluetooth are created equal.
Each updated Bluetooth version will have significant improvements.
Currently, the latest Bluetooth version is 5.0, which allows faster audio data transmission than the previous version, reducing latency for your headphones and better sound quality.

Size and quality of audio files

The higher the audio quality, the larger the audio file data will be, which means they will need a larger bandwidth or path to transmit the audio.
But bandwidth is limited, so your Bluetooth audio will experience lag when listening to large audio files that exceed the bandwidth of the headset. Usually FLAC audio files will have a large capacity, and they directly affect the user experience due to the delay of the speaker.

How To Fix Bluetooth Audio System Delay

How to fix Bluetooth audio system delay problems on Windows

If you use Windows, there are ways to improve your Bluetooth and your device connection.
We will go through each of them one by one.

Way 1 – Reconnect the Bluetooth device

In a few cases, this approach proved effective.
You just need to reset your Bluetooth headset and reconnect it to the computer. If you’re lucky, resetting the headset will completely solve the connection error, leading to signal delay and improving sound quality.
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Way 2 – Use the latest Bluetooth Driver

How to fix Bluetooth audio system problems on Windows
How to fix Bluetooth audio system delay problems on Windows

In many cases, your Bluetooth headset’s delay or audio delay is caused by an outdated Bluetooth driver that is not updated regularly.
Therefore, you should update every time a new version is available.
Here are some steps for you to update the driver for your Bluetooth audio:
– Right-click the Windows button, and select Device Manager from the list that appears.
– Click to select Bluetooth. You will see a list of Bluetooth devices connected to your computer.
– Search for your Bluetooth headset name, then Right Click on them.
– Last, select the option Update Driver and follow the steps on Windows.

Way 3 – Through Windows Audio Playback Troubleshooter

On the latest versions of Windows like Windows 10 or 11. There is a Troubleshooting function to help fix common errors you encounter on your computer. You can use this feature to fix unstable Bluetooth connections by following the steps as below:
– At Taskbar, right click the Speaker icon. Select Troubleshoot Sound Problems.
– A notice will appear, select your Bluetooth headset and select Next.
– Then follow the instructions on Windows.

Way 4 – Restart Windows Audio Service

Restart Windows Audio Service
Restart Windows Audio Service

The last way is to reboot Windows Audio Service, by default this program runs in the background to manage all sound on the computer. To reboot them, follow these steps:

– Press Window+ R  to bring up the Run dialog box.
– Input the command services.msc and then Enter.
– Scroll down the list, and you will see Windows Audio.
Right-click and select Properties.
– On the General tab bar, select Automatic to start the boot mode.
– Click the Recovery tab.
– Go down to the First Failure and Second Failure sections, and select Restart the Service. Select OK.
– Do the same steps for Windows Audio Endpoint Builder.
– Restart the computer to reconnect to the Bluetooth headset.

Video Refer: How To Fix Bluetooth Audio In Windows 10 ( Source: GameFrostYT Youtube Chanel)

How to Fix Bluetooth Audio System Delay Problems on Macbook

How to Fix Bluetooth Audio System Problems on Macbook
How to Fix Bluetooth Audio System Delay Problems on Macbook

The Macbook ( Mac ) line has fewer users, but they also have ways to improve connectivity.
Below are tips to help ensure the most stable Bluetooth connection on your Mac.

Way 1 – Delete the old Bluetooth file

The system will generate an error caused by old unused files. So deleting them all on your system can improve connectivity.

– Open Finder. On the Menu bar, select Go and select Go to Folder.
Type /Library/Preferences on the toolbar and select Go.
– New window appears. Find the file “” and delete them  .
– Repeat step 1, this time typing in ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost in step 2. Click Go.
– In the new window, find and delete the file “”. Note, “xxxxxxxx” are numbers combined with letters, they vary depending on the machine.
– Restart the device and try to connect the blutooth headset again.

Video Refer: How To Remove Bluetooth Devices From Your Mac ( Source: The Platfxrm Youtube Chanel)

Method 2 – Reset Mac Bluetooth Module

– Press Shift + Option at the same time.
– Menu bar appears, go to Bluetooth menu. Click Debug> Remove all devices. This will remove all already Bluetooth devices from your Macbook.
– Repeat all the above steps, but this time we will Click Debug> Reset Bluetooth Module.
– Then try connecting with the Bluetooth headset again.

Reset Mac Bluetooth Module
Reset Mac Bluetooth Module

How to Fix Bluetooth Audio System Delay Problems on Android and IOS

How to Fix Bluetooth Audio System Problems on Android and IOS
How to Fix Bluetooth Audio System Delay Problems On Smartphone

For mobile operating systems, each codec will be compatible and work best for a certain operating system.
With iOS, the best audio experience for Bluetooth headphones is the AAC codec pack. As for Android, aptX LL and aptX HD are the best choices.
check ios sound mode

In addition, some codecs are developed by separate manufacturers same as LDAC for Sony and Samsung’s Scalable Codec for Samsung devices.
If you use a smartphone, check the section in the settings and make sure to connect a Bluetooth headset with a supported codec on your phone.
Of the ways mentioned above, using Bluetooth 5.0 connection for both the connected device and the headset is the most optimal for improving audio latency. However, if you do not have or do not have the Bluetooth 5.0 standard, you should continue to take the best steps on your computer to improve the connection.


There is no way to completely how to fix the Bluetooth audio system delay. However, by using the latest Bluetooth 5.0-enabled headphones and experimenting with different Bluetooth codecs, you can optimize connection quality and reduce latency to imperceptible levels.
If none of the solutions listed above work, you may have to replace your headphones and buy a new one.


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