How To Fix iPhone Speaker Low Sound With 4 Ways

Cracked iPhone speakers are one of the common or must-have phenomena after a long time of use. Although this is not a very serious error, it greatly affects the quality of calls and experiences such as listening to music and watching movies. The article How To Fix iPhone Speaker Low Sound With 4 Ways will find the cause of this often-occurring situation and how to fix it quickly and effectively.

Why is the iPhone speaker cracked?

There are many causes for the iPhone speaker to crack, such as:

The device has been dropped, dropped, and collided with a hard object. Or iPhone dropped in water.
The iPhone is also shy due to long-term not cleaning of the device, and dirt clinging to the speakerphone. When you often operate in dusty environments, it is easy to stick to the speaker unit. This will cause the speaker to crackle or sound low.

Another error that you also need to pay attention to is software conflict error: Sometimes updating a new version or downloading a new application causes application conflicts during operation. This also affects the volume of the speaker. This is the first information in How To Fix iPhone Speaker Low Sound With 4 Ways.

Common signs when iPhone speakers are cracked

iPhone speakers include internal and external speakers, you need to distinguish to know where the phone is having problems. If the phone has a ringing in the internal speaker: You will feel the ringing when making calls. Call quality is significantly reduced because you do not hear what the other end of the line is saying, the sound is sometimes not, very timid and low.


This also happens when you make calls on applications such as Skype, Viber, Facebook, etc. However, with this error you can fix it by plugging in headphones, the user can still hear the call as usual. If the phone has a ringing in the external speaker: Just like the internal speaker, the call quality will also be significantly reduced.

The sound is intermittent, low, and intermittent. The difference here is that the sound is distorted on all phone applications, even when you plug in headphones, the distortion still occurs. This is the next information in How To Fix iPhone Speaker Low Sound With 4 Ways.

How to fix a cracked iPhone speakerphone

Usually, iPhone phone shops will charge quite a bit of money and a bit of time to fix speaker problems. So, if the situation is not serious, just apply the usual ways to fix the iPhone speaker problem quickly and effectively. Refer to How To Fix iPhone Speaker Low Sound With 4 Ways to save effort and money when going to the store.

With the methods below, not being too picky about the model, even if your phone is an iPhone, 5, 6, 6 Plus, … or the iPhone Xs Max speaker is cracked, all can be applied.

1. Fix iPhone speakers by downloading software

If you accidentally drop your iPhone in water or let water get into the speaker, then the risk of hissing is quite large. Even if you are using an iPhone 8 with IP68 water resistance. To solve this problem, you can install Sonic software. Designed with the ability to use sound waves with a sound frequency of 440Hz according to a sinusoidal graph to push water out, Sonic software is capable of solving this problem.


You just need to download the software to your device, then launch the application. During the process of turning it on, there will be water coming out of the speaker, then take a clean and dry towel to absorb the water. The effect will make you feel surprised.

2. Clean the speakers


When you think that the iPhone speaker is rusty due to dust and dirt, clean this part. You can wrap a cotton swab or cotton ball around a hard object and then soak it in alcohol or nail polish remover. Note: do not let the cotton swab absorb too much alcohol or water to avoid water entering the speaker.

3. Restore the device

Usually, the speaker is rarely caused by software errors. But this possibility cannot be ruled out. So you can try to restore the device and monitor if the speaker is still noisy. Note: It is necessary to back up data before restoring, to limit data loss.

Sometimes, restarting the computer also works in this case. When you have applied 3 ways in How To Fix iPhone Speaker Low Sound With 4 Ways, but still not effective. You can take it to a repair shop for specific inspection and advice.

Other ways to repair iPhone speakers

When your iPhone speaker has a sound problem or can’t hear. Try the following:

Go to Settings > Sound. Then drag the Ring and Alarm slider to test the speaker to see if the status is still on. Note: For iPhone, check the Ring/Silent switch on the side. If the switch is in a position that shows a small orange dot, the device is in silent mode.

You need to flip the switch in the opposite direction to activate the ringer mode. Restart the phone, then test the speaker again. Note: If an operating system update is available, you should update it immediately to fix the error. If you try the above methods and it still doesn’t work. Take your iPhone to a reputable dealer for repair. This is how to fix the iPhone speaker next in How To Fix iPhone Speaker Low Sound With 4 Ways.

A high-end phone can both support all problems in life while enhancing your beauty and value. However, when it makes some mistakes, it will cause trouble during use. Hopefully, the article How To Fix iPhone Speaker Low Sound With 4 Ways will provide useful information for you.

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