How To Stop Airpods From Leaking Sound With Best Guides

What Causes AirPods to Leak Sound?

how to stop airpods from leaking sound

Volume Too High

When the volume on your AirPods Pro is set too high, sound leakage can occur. If you’re used to listening to music at a level that’s too loud for you to hear, you may inadvertently damage your hearing and experience audio leakage. Gradually decrease the volume to no more than 50% until you become accustomed to a lower level.

Noise Canceling Switched Off

Disabling the noise cancellation option can also lead to sound leakage with your AirPods. The noise canceling feature is designed to lower the volume by muting outside noises. If this option is turned off, you may find yourself increasing the volume, resulting in audio leakage. Apple has integrated a mode that allows users to hear ambient sounds, so even when noise canceling is activated, some sound leakage may still occur.

Improper Placement

If your AirPods are not properly inserted in your ears, they may leak sound. Without the correctly sized silicone tip, the speaker portion of your AirPods may protrude outside, making the sound audible to others.

How to Stop AirPods from Leaking Sound

how to stop airpods from leaking sound

Use Silicon Ear Hooks or Earbuds for a Snug Fit

Apple has designed AirPods to be suitable for most users, but due to variations in ear sizes, sound leakage can still occur. To prevent this, consider purchasing silicone ear hooks or headphones that can be attached to your AirPods. These accessories close the gap between your ear and the AirPods, preventing sound from escaping. Silicone ear tips in different sizes are also available for AirPods Pro users to experiment with for a better fit.

Use Foam Earbuds

If silicone ear hooks don’t fit your ears well, foam earbuds are another effective solution to eliminate sound leakage. Foam headphones closely match the shape of your ears, providing a better seal and sound isolation. Bear in mind, though, that if you need to remain aware of your surroundings, foam earbuds may not be suitable for situations like walking outdoors.

Reset Your AirPods

For troubleshooting various issues, it’s often beneficial to reset your AirPods. Follow these steps:

  • Close the charging case with the AirPods inside and wait for about 30 seconds.
  • Open the charging case after the 30-second interval.
  • On your phone or iPad, go to settings > Bluetooth and tap on your AirPods in the device list.
  • Select “Forgot this device” and confirm if necessary.
  • While keeping the charging case open, press and hold the setup button on your AirPods for approximately 15 seconds.
  • The status light on the AirPods should alternate between amber and white flashes.

Clean Your AirPods

how to stop airpods from leaking sound

Over time, dirt can accumulate on your AirPods, leading to the need for higher volume levels to compensate for reduced sound quality. This buildup can cause sound leakage. To clean your AirPods:

  • Wipe them with a damp cloth, being careful not to let moisture enter the speaker and microphone openings. Then, dry them with a towel.
  • Use a cotton swab to clean the meshes of the speaker and microphone, ensuring their optimal performance.

Avoid Raising AirPods Volume in Noisy Environments

In noisy settings, such as inside an airplane, it’s tempting to increase the volume on your AirPods. However, doing so can harm your ears and result in sound leakage. If possible, opt for over-the-ear headphones instead of AirPods during flights.

Faulty AirPods: Consider Replacement

In some cases, you may discover that your AirPods are faulty. Fortunately, if you experience issues within 14 days of purchase, you can return or exchange them. Additionally, consider bringing your AirPods to an Apple Store for expert assistance, even if it has been more than 14 days.


This article has provided simple and effective ways to prevent sound leakage from your AirPods. By adjusting the volume, ensuring proper placement, using accessories like silicon ear hooks or foam earbuds, resetting your AirPods, and keeping them clean, you can enjoy a seamless audio experience. Remember to prioritize your hearing health and take appropriate steps to address any issues you encounter.