How To Stop Airpods From Leaking Sound With Best Guides

There’s nothing worse than putting on headphones to listen to music or audio only to find out that your AirPods are leaking audio and that others can hear what you’re listening to. However, does AirPods leak sound? And how to stop AirPods from leaking sound? In this article, We will discuss together how to stop AirPods from leaking sound and the issues surrounding it.

What Causes AirPods To Leak Sound?

how to stop airpods from leaking sound

Volume Too High

If you keep the volume up too high, the AirPods Pro can leak sound. You could become accustomed to maintaining the AirPods volume higher than 80% if you listen to music at a volume that is too loud for you to hear.

However, doing so might harm your hearing and increase sound leakage. Try progressively lowering the volume if you have a propensity to play audio at maximum volume until you grow used to listening to music at no more than 50% of that level.

Noise Canceling Switched Off

It’s also possible for your AirPods to leak sound if the noise cancellation option is disabled. This is so that you may listen to audio at a lower volume as the noise canceling feature mutes outside noises. If this option is disabled, you’ll probably keep the volume higher, which will cause audio leakage.

Since completely turning off sound increases the danger of accidents, Apple also built the AirPods to let users hear some ambient sounds.

Because of this, an AirPods Pro will still leak sound even when the noise canceling mode is activated. However, sound leakage is often low, so nobody should be able to hear what you are listening to.

Improper Placement

Your AirPods may also be leaking sound if they aren’t inserted correctly in your ears. Without the proper-sized silicone tip, the speaker portion of your AirPods will protrude outside and sound will be audible to others.

How To Stop Airpods From Leaking Sound

how to stop airpods from leaking sound
how to stop AirPods from leaking sound?

Use Silicon Ear Hooks Or Earbuds For A Snug Fit

Although Apple has done a great job with its design to make it suitable for the majority of users, it can sometimes have flaws because everyone’s ears are different in size.

Your surroundings may emit sound if your AirPods are not tightly protected.

Buying silicone ear hooks or headphones that you can attach to your AirPods is a simple solution how to stop AirPods from leaking sound.

The ear hook closes the opening between your ear and the AirPods, preventing sound from leaking out.

Ear attachments for Airpods are a great option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

You’ll get silicone ear tips in three different sizes if you have the pro AirPods instead of the regular AirPods.

You can experiment with several options to see if the problem is resolved.

Use A Foam Earbud

Foam headphones are a good choice for how to stop AirPods from leaking sound if the silicone ear hooks don’t fit your ears.

When you want complete sound isolation, foam headphones are a great choice because they closely resemble the shape of your ears than silicone headphones.

However, be cautious if you need to hear at least some sound when using them like when you take a walk outside your house.

Reset Your Airpods

You should reinstall your Airpods for almost any problem.

  • Close the charging case after placing the Airpods inside and wait for about 30 seconds.
  • Open the cover of the charging case when 30 seconds have passed.
  • Tap settings > Bluetooth on your device (phone or iPad) then.
  • Find your Airpods in the device list and select “Forgot this device”.
  • Press again to confirm, if necessary.
  • Keep the charging case cover open while pressing and holding the setup button for your Airpods for about 15 seconds.
  • The status light should alternate between amber flash and white flash.

Clean Your Airpods

how to stop airpods from leaking sound

Your AirPods can accumulate dirt over time.

You usually turn up the volume high when there is dirt buildup to compensate for the low volume.

Ultimately, this can cause the AirPod’s sound to leak.

Wipe your AirPods with a damp cloth to clean them. Be careful not to get moisture in the holes of the Airpods. After that, clean it with a dry towel.

Use a cotton swab to clean the meshes in the speaker and microphone. This is an easy way how to stop AirPods from leaking sound.

Avoid Raising Volume Of Airpods In Noisy Environments

Turn up the volume above what is advised when using Airpods in noisy areas like the inside of an airplane. This can not only damage your ears but also cause sound to leak. If you have the choice, use over-the-ear headphones instead of Airpods for flight use.

Faulty Airpods-Needs To Be Replaced

You may occasionally find that your Airpods are damaged.

You still have 14 days from the date of purchase to return or exchange your Airpods.

It’s a good idea to bring your Airpods to the Apple Store so the experts may have a look even if it has been more than 14 days after purchase.


The article on how to stop AirPods from leaking sound has introduced simple ways for you to solve the problem you are having with your Airpods quickly. If you know more about other good ways leave us a comment.