Will AirPods Break if you Drop Them? 6 Common Questions

If you’ve been considering purchasing Apple AirPods or have just done so, you’ve undoubtedly wondered how long they last. Will AirPods break if you drop them? What if you accidentally drop the AirPods case inside? Is it possible to use these goods for a long time? We‘ll address all of these questions especially “Whether AirPods break if you drop them or not” in this post.

 Will AirPods Break if you Drop Them?

You may not be aware that Apple AirPods are composed of high-quality, long-lasting hard plastic, guaranteeing that they can withstand a few drops without dents or scratches. However, there are other elements to consider before answering this question. For example, height at the time of the fall, position of contact with the surface, and surface type.

airpods break if you drop them

In general, the odds of damaging your AirPods if you drop them from waist height (3-4 ft) on a soft surface like a carpeted or even hardwood floor are relatively slim. Of course, you must test them to check whether they sound the same and if all of the sensors function properly.

Users have reported dropping their AirPods on hard surfaces such as gravel, concrete pavement, and even the road several times without seeing any harm or loss in functionality.

Independent drop testers on YouTube have also put the AirPods through their paces, dropping them from various heights onto a concrete floor and determining that they are unblemished, dented, or physically harmed. even when dropped from a ten-foot height Surprisingly, they still function flawlessly. So we have answered your question will AirPods break if you drop them for you.

Is it true that AirPods are shockproof?

Apple has not issued an official statement saying that AirPods are shock resistant. The lightweight design of AirPods as well as the quality of their strong plastic manufacturing, contribute to their ability to withstand drops. When AirPods fall to the floor, their lightweight construction allows them to pop up without any effort. Because energy is transmitted in the opposite direction, impact forces are reduced when they fall and strike a surface. The AirPods case is durable enough to withstand a few drops. You may, however, purchase a shockproof protective cover for your AirPods if you want to make your product more secure.

What happens if your Airpod case is dropped?

The AirPods case is constructed of silicone and strong vulcanized plastic. It is, however, far heavier than AirPods. As a result, even if they do not shatter or suffer major damage when unintentionally dropped from a height over their heads, they nevertheless have the potential to be scratched.

What happens if your Airpod case is dropped

What happens if your AirPods fall into the water?

The AirPods Pro is merely sweated and water-resistant (IPX4), not waterproof. AirPods, on the other hand, have no reviews. As a result, if water seeps inside the goods, there is a risk of real harm. Having said that, most people believe that if you pull the AirPods out of the water after a short time and let them dry fully before using them, they won’t be damaged.
Behind the AirPods’ mesh is a waterproof screen that protects it from short-term water exposure. In fact, reviewers have been seen placing AirPods in the washing machine for around 30 minutes and then testing them to see whether they still function. However, some customers have reported having problems charging for up to a week after they dropped the AirPods in the water.
drop in the water

What should you do if your Airpod falls into the water?

If you drop your AirPods in water, make sure they’re fully dry on the inside. Simply wipe with a clean cloth and store with the silica gel packets in a zip-top carrying case. The silica gel packets absorb moisture and help the AirPods dry faster on the inside.
Test all AirPods functions after 24 hours to ensure they are operating properly. Because AirPods are no more effective than air drying, they should not be placed in a pail of rice.

Alternatively, you may drain the water inside your AirPods after drying them outside by following the methods outlined below:
  • Download and install the Water Eject iPhone shortcut.
  • Pair your AirPods with your iPhone over Bluetooth and crank up the volume.
  • Ensure that the two sensors on either side of the AirPods are covered. Then activate the Water Eject shortcut and select ‘Begin Water Ejection’ from the drop-down menu.
  • As the water is gently pushed out of the AirPods, you should feel the AirPods vibrate. You can repeat the third step as many times as you like until you’re happy with the results.

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Is AirPods easy to fall out of your ears?

Except for the price and the omnipresent silicone tips, there’s a lot to like about AirPods. The main issue is that everyone’s ear sizes vary, and some people’s ears are both broad and wide, making it easy for them to come out during use. Many users have reported their dissatisfaction with AirPods after purchasing them, claiming that they kept slipping out of their ears during activity or even with a little head movement. As a result, the recommendation is that you try on AirPods to see if they suit your ears before purchasing the device.

Airpods are typically well-built and can withstand a few inadvertent falls, even on hard floors or uneven surfaces. However, you should strive to maintain them as safe as possible because they might be fairly damaged with a little luck. Apple AirPods have an average lifespan of 1.8 to 2 years, according to several user evaluations.

This implies that even if you drop it a few times, it will still function properly. However, if you properly care for the items, their real-life can be prolonged much further. Over this post, we’ll make a decision for the question: “Will AirPods Break if you Drop Them?” In general, Airpods are so good if you Drop Them but for the best of you, you should care about your AirPods more.