Do You Know Some Best Computer Speakers Under 500$?

Having the best computer speakers under 500$ can make or break the experience for you. You won’t be able to truly enjoy listening to music, viewing movies, or playing games if your sound quality is poor. Finding the ideal pair of speakers is trickier when you’re on a tight budget. For your benefit, we have created a list of the best computer speakers under 500$. Consider the available alternatives and their costs to determine which will best meet your needs.

What is a computer speaker?

To magnify sound for the user’s work and pleasure purposes, computer speakers are utilized. The tool is used to enhance the audio quality of PCs with weak speakers. Computer speakers come in a wide variety of styles and brands nowadays. It might be challenging to select a reliable and useful product for your requirements. Today, we’ll assist you in putting together the criteria to select the finest computer speakers, which play the greatest music fit for everyday usage. Here, we provide our evaluations of the best computer speakers so that customers may make informed purchasing decisions.

Best computer speakers under 500$

Logitech Z337 Bold Sound Bluetooth Wireless 2.1 Speaker System

These are totally wireless and connect through Bluetooth, so they work with any Bluetooth-enabled device in addition to your computer. This combo also includes a subwoofer, which is convenient if you want bass that truly kicks. Additionally, you may change the bass settings. The ability to play sounds from numerous sources at once is another feature that truly makes these speakers sparkle. You can hear sounds from both the Bluetooth and the auxiliary input if you have them both connected. This is not just cool, but also uncommon.

Edifier G2000 32W PC Computer Speakers

The fact that these speakers have three separate modes—movie, gaming, or music—is what I appreciate most about them. Each one improves the quality for that specific sound, providing you with the finest listening experience across all media. You always know what you’re switching because the buttons are all intuitive and they all create sounds when you touch them. These have a subwoofer port, USB port, Bluetooth capabilities, 3.5mm port, and cable. Although a subwoofer is not included, it’s good to know that you can easily add one if you’d want additional bass. In order to create any atmosphere, they also include lights on the sides and rear with 12 various effects.

Creative Pebble 2.0 USB-Powered Desktop Speakers 

These speakers are fantastic since they don’t take up a lot of room and are quite compact, yet they still provide excellent sound. They will easily fit on even the tiniest desk because they barely take up 4.4 inches of space. The high and low sounds are precisely matched, and the music is sent directly to your ears at a 45-degree angle from the speakers. At the louder settings, I haven’t heard any distortion either. These speakers also have the benefit of not requiring a wall socket for power. They are powered by a USB that you plug immediately into your computer when you receive them.

Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers

When it comes to audio, Bose is a well-known name. They have the Bose quality even though these are their entry-level speakers. With crisp treble and pleasant bass, the sound is well-balanced. No matter how loud the sound is, it will be of excellent quality. They don’t create that hissing or static sound when they’re on and there’s no sound playing, which is another feature I really like about them. But as soon as you start playing something, the sound is crystal clear. The auxiliary input and headphone connection on these allow you to play music from phones or other sources.

Mackie Studio Monitor Speakers

These studio monitor speakers offer excellent value. The audio is precise and very clear. These are more than enough and sound fantastic if you’re using them as standard PC speakers. Also, they are incredibly simple to set up and use. They don’t occupy a lot of space and are rather little. These are still a fantastic value for the money if you’re using them for a home studio. Although they don’t have a razor-flat frequency response, if you’ve done any recording before and have decent ears, these are acceptable. The sound is excellent for the price, especially if you’re new to recording and need something on a tight budget.

Creative Stage 2.1 Channel Under

This one differs slightly from the others in that it combines a soundbar with a subwoofer instead of conventional speakers. You won’t have speakers taking up additional room on your desk thanks to the soundbar’s ability to fit directly underneath your display and the subwoofer’s location beneath your desk. Another fantastic feature of this set is the included remote control, which makes it incredibly simple to alter the volume, turn the unit on or off, or make any other necessary adjustments, such as treble and bass settings.

Along with 160W of peak power, this 2.1 speaker system offers more than the majority of the other speakers on our list. It also contains Bluetooth functionality, a USB connector, a 3.5mm auxiliary port, an optical audio input, and a TV(ARC) connection, so you can connect to practically any media device you choose.

Creative Stage 2.1 Channel Under-Monitor Soundbar with Subwoofer

Creative Labs 51MF1610AA002 GigaWorks T20 Series II 2.0 Multimedia Speaker

These speakers produce high-quality audio with smooth highs, warm mids, and satisfying lows. Overall, given the price, they sound extremely great. At greater volumes, there is no distortion and the music is utterly clear. Another benefit is that the controls are all within easy reach, allowing you to change the balance and volume as necessary. Additionally, the balancing knobs do have a stop in the centre, allowing you to locate the center without guesswork. You may use them with your TV, video game console, or DVD player because they include an RCA to stereo adaptor.

Amazon Basics USB-Powered PC Computer Speakers

You have several alternatives when it comes to acquiring these speakers. One speaker, two speakers, or four speakers are your options. Additionally, you have the option of adding a mouse or an HDMI cable. They also available in gray or black. You’re likely to discover something that works for your setup with all the alternatives available. Now let’s talk about the sound quality.

Considering their small size, they provide a deep, rich sound. They don’t hear much bass, but that is to be anticipated when there is no subwoofer connected. To add ambience, they also include LED lights. The design is more contemporary and works well in any workplace setting.

Cyber Acoustics CA-3602FFP 2.1 Speaker

Out of all the options, this speaker system provides the richest, thickest bass sound. These are the speakers you want if you place a lot of value on bass. You may tune and tailor the bass to your preferred sound using the biggest subwoofer of the group. Speaking of control, they include a desktop control pod that makes changing all those settings quick and simple. These speakers also feature longer wires than the norm, giving you additional options for how to arrange them and where to put them. A one-year warranty is also included in case there are any issues.

Cyber Acoustics Bluetooth Speakers with LED Lights

The same manufacturer that makes the prior option’s speakers also makes these ones, however they are a little smaller and less powerful. But they’re also a lot more enjoyable! Their LED lighting will transform your space into a party. There are seven various color selections, a continuous rotation option, or an off option for a more tranquil, unwinding experience.

These look amazing and sound excellent too. The subwoofer does provide some nice bass, and the highs and mids are wonderfully balanced. Additionally, because these speakers are Bluetooth-enabled, they may be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

These speakers’ wooden housing gives them a classic, timeless appearance. To achieve the sound you desire, you can quickly alter the volume, treble, and bass settings with the buttons on the side. They also have a remote control that can be used to change the volume and turn the device on and off.

The sound quality is clear and undistorted in the highs, and the lows are respectable but not as deep as you’d get with a subwoofer. These are simple to connect to your computer, phone, or music player thanks to their dual RCA output and 3.5mm auxiliary input. These speakers look beautiful in any workplace and provide excellent performance for the price. They have a two-year warranty, which is the nicest part!

Microlab M-108 speaker

User-friendly and portable design For powerful, clear sound, use 11W of speaker power. The Microlab M-108 is a conventional 2.1 speaker line that has 1 woofer with bass support and 2 satellite speakers with a 6w treble support function. Additionally, you may customize the bass and treble settings to suit your tastes. This gadget connects to many different devices using a standard 3.5mm connector. Anti-slip and anti-vibration feet are part of the lightweight design, which safeguards the speaker on slick surfaces.

Microlab M-108 speaker

The 2.1 computer speaker series from Microlab with the most current acquisitions is M-108. Due to the 2.1 standard, you will receive 1 set of speakers when you purchase the speakers, which includes 2 Treble speakers and 1 subwoofer with a combined power of 11W. Analyzing the sound quality: Using the M-108 for loud sound makes listening to music at maximum volume enjoyable and unafraid. The speaker’s bass is described as a “stretch” for warm bass, notably in electronic dance music.

2.1 speaker system with three devices that is modest in size and convenient to use. To save space, you can stack them on top of one another. Additionally, the power button and bass adjustment are in the rear, while the volume control knobs are at the front. What I dislike most about the M-108 and other 2.1 computer speakers in general is the wiring issue. The 2.1 array has a sizable number of wires. Additionally, the quality of the wire used in inexpensive speaker lines is poor. Simple to break and flimsy when moved a much.

Bose Companion 2 Series III speaker

The device offers excellent value for the money in terms of sound quality. I once used a Companion 2 Series III to listen to music. It helped me to comprehend what a good audio experience is. The words being played via the speakers are accurate and detailed in every way. With each tune, the music’s warm resonance causes my chest to swell and contract.

Logitech Z120 Stereo Speaker

The portable Z120 speaker range from Logitech features two 1.2W speakers in a small-footprint design. This speaker’s tiny 0.25kg weight makes it portable and simple to transport. ideal for usage on travels with friends. With the Logitech Z120, customers may simply modify the volume and power using a function knob that can be changed directly on the gadget. As long as there is a connecting port, you may connect to the USB port using either the Mac or Windows operating systems on your computer.

Logitech Z120 Stereo Speaker

The Z120 sounds pretty high-end in terms of sound quality. Rich, cozy, and precise sound is produced. The speaker’s Bass and Treble ranges are audible and distinct. Although it only has 1.2W of power, the Z120 produces a loud sound. It has the capacity to completely fill a 20 square meter space. The Z120’s ease of use is one feature I really like. It is simple to raise or lower the volume with only one hand thanks to the front panel’s rotating knob. comparable to well-known computer speakers. Additionally, the Z120 has a 3.5mm USB-powered connection.

Logitech Z313 2.1 50w speaker

The Z313 computer speaker offers a 0w power output, a 3.5mm jack connection, 1 center-positioned bass speaker, and 2 treble speakers for exceptionally high sound quality. The tones may be flexible adjusted to fit your tastes, the music you use, and the reasons you have in mind. sturdy, high-quality plastic; no need to be concerned about peeling. When utilized at full volume, this type of speaker’s shortcoming is that the sound is low-quality (whispered).

Bose Companion 50 speaker

3-piece laptop speaker with an elegant, small, and straightforward design. The Bose Companion 50, the finest 2.1 computer speaker system currently available, is rated superb for a wonderful audio experience and is equipped with 2 satellite speakers and 1 center speaker.

Wide frequency spectrum and simple audio control provide great sound quality from speakers equipped with Truespace audio signal processing hardware. The Bose computer speaker is exceptionally durable, the only USB-connected Companion speaker, and includes a power-saving function with smart sleep mode that allows the speaker to resume with a single light touch.

SoundMax A130/2.0 speaker

Design-wise, the Soundmax A130 2.0 computer speaker is gorgeous, stylish, and portable. The wide frequency range of the SoundMax A130/2.0 computer speakers is 50Hz to 20kHz. You may change the bass and treble to suit your tastes in music. Additionally, this computer speaker connects through a regular 3.5mm jack connection and a USB port, making it versatile with a range of devices. The biggest disadvantage is that it only fits in a small place. The sound doesn’t have a lot of edge. It had the sound of a room that was shut off.

SoundMax A-4000/4.1 60w speaker

Strong and vibrant sound, contemporary, sturdy materials. The SoundMax A-4000/4.1 60w computer speaker includes a 4.1 speaker system with 4 satellite speakers operating in the 150Hz–20kHz frequency range and 1 woofer operating in the 30Hz–200Hz range. For realistic sound quality, the total power output is 60w, and the noise compression factor is greater than 70dB. A USB connector, a 3.5mm jack, and several linked devices are also included on the A-4000/4.1.

Microlab M-109 2.1 speaker

Designed without a cumbersome stand, with a speaker surface solely devoted to sound production and dual-sided support. The inexpensive Microlab M-109 2.1 series computer speakers provide a standard 3.5mm port for connectivity to a wide range of devices. For clear, rich sound when viewing movies, playing video games, or listening to music, use a total power of up to 10W. There is just one custom bass, but it is ineffective, and that is the primary flaw.

Microlab B56 speaker

You may enjoy the music of life while feeling comfortable thanks to the Microlab B56/2.0 Speaker. A popular low-cost computer speaker with a 2.0 speaker standard and a 6W power output for a rich and lifelike sound system is the Microlab B56. If you position the speakers in opposite directions, the sound will be amplified and spread out over a wide area. The sound quality is appropriate for all types of music, from soft lyrical to powerful rock. Therefore, consumers can put the speaker to use in a number of ways.

Fenda A140X Bluetooth speaker

Well constructed with an easy-to-use 2.1 sound system connection. With a connection range of up to 15 meters, the Fenda A140X’s Bluetooth connectivity enables users to seamlessly connect even across great distances. The cabinet’s back has a button for direct adjustment, and users may also use a remote control to change remotely. Plastic is rust-resistant and won’t start to peel even after being used for a while.

best computer speakers under 500$

The Fenda A140X Black Bluetooth computer speaker features a small, elegant form that makes it simple to set in a variety of locations. Its casing is fingerprint- and rust-resistant. Fenda A140X computer speakers enable enhanced enjoyment with a 2.1 speaker system and strong bass for vivid sound. With a noise compression ratio of more than 65 dB and a total power of 37W, the output of sound is free of noise and distortion, guaranteeing fidelity and vividness.
With the fully functional remote that comes with the speaker, controlling the Fenda Bluetooth device from a distance is simple. Additionally, the speaker works with the majority of electronic devices, including laptops, desktop computers, and others, making it simple to listen to music on a variety of gadgets.

ROBOT RS200 speaker

The best-selling computer speaker item last month was the ROBOT RS200, despite not being from a well-known company. Along with the forceful design, the edges are carefully trimmed. An RGB LED system is also included with the RS200. Points are seldom seen on computer speakers that cost less than $500. not simply for looks Many consumers regard the RS200’s sound quality as being real.

The speaker is able to faithfully reproduce genuine 3D sound. The RS200’s 6W speaker capacity is its main drawback. However, it suffices if you use it in rooms that are less than 10 square meters and use it to listen to music and play games. The speaker also has a conventional 3.5mm AUX connector that is powered by USB.

Microlab B51 2.0 speaker

The tiny design of the Microlab B51 is its main selling point. The item satisfies the criteria for desk decorating. The B51’s sound quality is regarded as acceptable for the price range. Even though it only has 4W of power, the B51 makes a strong sound. Usability: The B51 is one of the few speakers with a distinctive design that can be safely attached to a computer display. The speaker also features a long bar shape. It may also be arranged neatly on the desk without taking up any additional room.

Genius Soundbar 100 speaker

The Genius Soundbar 100 is the ideal option if you want a small, affordable computer speaker. Genius 100 features a contemporary style and a size that puts it in close proximity to high-end Soundbars.
Speakers have a tendency to favor the bass more. You can enjoy the smoldering EDM, Vinahosue, or Remix music at this time. Ballad is a little odd to listen to when Pop is playing, though.

User-friendliness: I don’t think the Genius 100 is very user-friendly. The speaker’s integrated volume up and volume down controls are the source of this. This button will hang down if the speaker is set on a table. To draw the wire up and locate the button, more adjustments are needed for each adjustment.

Logitech Z906 5.1 speaker

The Logitech Z906 is excellent if you want to convert your workplace into a small studio or theater. 5 satellite speakers, 1 subwoofer, and an audio amplifier with a 1000W maximum power output are included. The Z906 is now the top computer speaker set on the market as a result.
Although there are various subwoofers, connecting and using the Z906 is quite simple. The built-in speakers are compact and simple to hang or hook on the wall. Additionally, the item features several connection connectors, allowing you to utilize the speaker with a TV, PC, or PlayStation 4. To simplify your listening experience, the speaker also has a built-in remote control.
Logitech Z906 5.1 speaker

Microlab X2 speaker

The computer speaker Microlab X2 occupies the last place. It has a straightforward cubic shape in a sophisticated black color, a broad base to let you firmly mount the speaker on a table or shelf in the room, and a noticeable company logo printed on the front. your workplace, bedroom, or living room.

With a 46W 2.1-channel system, this speaker promises to let you enjoy music genres including mellow Pop, ferocious Bolero, and bright Dance with powerful, deep bass. However, this speaker also has simple settings on the rear that make it simple to adjust the music volume, bass, balance, and treble to suit the user’s demands. Additionally, the manufacturer provides RCA and 3.5 mm connections to make it simpler to connect the speaker to computers, phones, and tablets.

Microlab X2 speaker

Tako W-920 speaker

Tako W-920 speaker is another best computer speakers under 500$. Product with 2.1 speaker setup, comprising 1 subwoofer and 2 satellite speakers. A terrific experience with opulent design and real, vibrant sound will help you unwind and reduce tension. What could be better than relaxing after work with a cup of coffee and your favorite song? The exhaustion will go and you’ll feel rejuvenated for the long workdays ahead.

SoundBar SoundMax SB-217 speaker

The device has a satellite speaker and a subwoofer with a combined 90W of power for rich, realistic sound. The handy remote allows you to manage the speaker. The 3.5mm connector offers Bluetooth connectivity, as well as USB and SD card drives. You should without a doubt get a reputable computer speaker if you want to experience the most authentic and high-quality sound moments. The ideal option will be the SoundMax brand, which has several equalization functions! It’s also one of the best computer speakers under 500$.

Criteria for choosing cheap computer speakers

These are the expenses to help you choose cheap quality computer speakers that suit your needs!

  • Demand: To pick the best computer speakers, one must identify their requirements properly. Save money by not purchasing computer speakers that are insufficient for your needs. For instance, a 5.1 computer speaker system (5 regular speakers and 1 woofer) is appropriate for use in “strict” quality-required applications. In contrast, 2.1 computer speakers—which consist of 2 regular speakers plus a woofer—are appropriate for watching movies, playing video games, and listening to music.
  • Material: At the moment, wood and plastic make up the majority of computer speakers. Wood is thought to have better sound quality and is highly “pleased” with believers. Nevertheless, it depends on your musical preferences.
  • Power: You shouldn’t disregard this need if you’re searching to get inexpensive computer speakers. The speaker’s power will influence how loud the sound it produces will be. As a result, if you don’t properly consider the speaker capacity, you can run into problems when using it.
  • The number of speakers: The market-available speaker standards can be used to estimate the number of speakers. Today’s most widely used and widely trusted speaker standards are 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, and 7.1.
  • Sound card: Sound is stored, processed, and played via the sound card. Today’s low-cost computer speakers are frequently made with integrated Card Onboard. The quality of this sound card is not very great. Therefore, if you want to improve the sound quality, a discrete card will be your best option.
  • Impedance: The relationship between impedance and the audio amplifier is inverse. Impedance therefore operates in a completely different manner from an amplifier. When the impedance is low in magnitude, the amplifier only operates effectively and efficiently, and vice versa. The amplifier operates with less power when the impedance is high. Computer speakers should have an impedance of no more than 80 Ohms.
  • Trademarks and warranties: The market for computer speakers is now “stretched” out, with a range of types and styles. However, not all are authentic, high-quality items with complete warranties. Find trustworthy names like Samsung, Logitech, SoundMax, Microtex, or Microlab as a result. These companies choose the finest inexpensive computer speakers and typically offer warranties on their products that range from 12 to 2 years.

How to maintain computer speakers?

In order for the speaker to operate stably, users should note the following basic computer speakers:

  • To properly maintain the speaker’s longevity, it is advised to use an amplifier with a capacity more than 20% of the total impedance of the speakers. Avoid overloading an amplified device with speakers, as this will make the speaker work harder than necessary.
  • Place the speaker in a dry location; stay away from high-humidity locations as this can lead to water vapor accumulation on the speaker’s surface, which can lead to mold growth and electric shock.
  • You should regularly clean the speaker to keep it functioning correctly and producing high-quality music. Avoid letting the speaker accumulate too much debris, especially clean dust, which might attach to the electrical circuit.
  • Avoid exposing the speaker to direct sunlight since too much light will damage the speaker’s rubber or foam ribs. Neon lights also have this effect, thus safety precautions must be used.
  • Limiting the speaker’s ability to work in extreme temperatures should have a cooling system installed.
In conclusion, there are many alternatives for computer speakers on the market due to the constant advancements in technology. And they’re even better now! But it might be difficult to locate a pair of the best computer speakers under 500$. Particularly if your previous set recently broke and you urgently need some new ones.
Whether you’re viewing a movie, playing a game, or just listening to music while you work, the correct pair of speakers may significantly improve your audio experience. This is why it’s crucial to consider the qualities you need and desire in a sound system before making a purchase. Hopefully, this information has assisted you in determining what you want and in selecting the appropriate computer speakers.
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