The Best Sonos Sound Bar For TV

One of the most famous brands in music players is Sonos and their selection combines great sound with classy design. Whatever your requirements, Sonos has a wide selection of speakers with some practical features. Almost all widely used music streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music, are supported. Many of the speakers also support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for their own voice commands.

Deciding which Sonos sound bar for TV to buy becomes more difficult as the company’s product line expands. To help you decide which is ideal for you and which offers the best value for your money, we’ve compiled a list of the best Sonos sound bars available right now.

What Are The Best Sonos Sound Bar For TV?

Sonos Beam (Gen 2)

Sonos Beam (Gen 2)

Sonos Beam (Gen 2) is a name that proves the quality of Sonos sound bar for tv and has an affordable price. System 5.0 shares the same small footprint as the first Sonos Beam. However, it allows object-based Dolby Atmos content which is already available on many streaming services, unlike its predecessor. Despite the small footprint of the bar, you still get immersive sound thanks to the audio tools built into the bar; This gives the experience a more dramatic feel. Similar sound enhancement options are also available, such as TruePlay room adjustment and bass and treble adjustments.

Because of its balanced midrange, which faithfully reproduces voices and main instruments with clarity and detail, you shouldn’t have any trouble following the action on the screen. While the bass has no echo, you can always attach a separate subwoofer to enhance bass reproduction. However, its small size makes it unsuitable for amplifying sound in larger venues. While surround sound and Atmos content aren’t as clear or realistic as with the larger Sonos Arc, it’s still very appealing for a small soundbar.

Sonos Arc with Sub + One SL Speaker

Sonos Arc with Sub + One SL Speakers

Arc Sonos with Sub Speaker + One SL is the top Sonos sound bar for TV we tested. It’s a multifunctional flagship product that brings the cinema experience right into your living room. While this Sonos sound bar for tv is not currently offered as a bundle deal, you can purchase each separately and combine them for optimal performance. Movie fans will love that it supports Dolby Digital and Dolby Atmos audio formats commonly found on streaming services. If you have limited space, you can still use the Sonos Arc singly, but the entire configuration offers more realistic and accurate surround sound thanks to satellites, as well as noise and rumble that is captured and found in action movies.

You can access Sonos’ premium enhancement services from this bar, including a room correction tool to automatically adjust musical performance based on the specific sound in your room. While it’s only compatible with iOS devices, it’s called TruePlay, and Android users can still use its bass and treble controls to change the sound. While there’s no complete visual EQ, the sound is clear and balanced right out of the box, so you probably won’t need it. The combination faithfully reproduces main vocals and instruments and has enough bass to bring bass-heavy movies and music to life.

Sonos Ray

Sonos Ray

If money’s a little tight, check out the Sonos Ray, our top-tested Sonos sound bar for tv in this price range. The humble 2.0 bar is perfect for listening to stereo content, including most songs and TV episodes with lots of conversation. This is the most economical model of the manufacturer. You can still use the S2 software’s TruePlay room repair function with your iOS device despite the low cost. Voices are exceptionally sharp and accurate right out of the box, and the main instruments reproduce accurately. Therefore, it is suitable for listening to music from various genres.

This Sonos sound bar for tv is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of space in their living room as it is a compact, secluded bar. Fans of genres like EDM and hip-hop may want to add a second sub as it naturally doesn’t offer much bass. There is no Dolby Atmos support, in contrast to more expensive Sonos products. It can still play back Dolby Digital and other 5.1 surround sound formats. The performance isn’t quite live as it has to be mixed into the stereo to play it, however, separate satellites are always available to improve its performance. Overall, if you want a simpler plug-and-play upgrade over your existing TV speakers, this is a great choice.


For audiophiles who wish to amplify their preferred music, movies, and TV shows, Sonos is a well-known brand. Their high-end soundbars are a terrific option with excellent audio quality out of the box and seamlessly integrate into your current Sonos setup. Although they don’t provide as many additional options as other premium models, their plug-and-play functionality won’t likely let you down.