Best Soundbar for TCL TV with 3 models

Currently on the market there are many speakers with diverse models and outstanding features. If you’re looking to find the right soundbar for your TV, this isn’t easy. We have listed a few of the Best Soundbar for TCL TV which will give you the best choice.

Before coming to the Best Soundbar for TCL TV, we want you to know well about the Soundbar and its usefulness. From here, you will understand why many families love it and often put it near their TV.

What is a Soundbar?

Soundbar is also known as media bar. Soundbar is a system for TVs, very suitable to add support for TVs with poor sound quality. This modern speaker possesses many advantages such as compactness and standard sound, so it is popular with many households with common entertainment needs.

Soundbar is integrated by 2 speakers:

  • Soundbar: includes 2-3 small speakers and 2 main speakers to create multi-dimensional sound.
  • Subwoofer: has the lowest frequency for better sound quality to feel sweet and loving sound.

Inside the soundbar will be integrated small speakers (from 2 or 3 speakers) to emit the main sounds of the viewing content. Because there are no surround speakers like the 5.1 system, the soundbar is often equipped with additional sound technology by manufacturers to create multi-dimensional virtual surround sound effects. This gives you the impression that the sound is coming from many directions, despite the fact that the sound is coming out only 3 channels.

Is the soundbar any good?

Diversity of models

Currently, the Soundbar line is produced by many famous brands, making there many different models with price segments from low to high. Therefore, you can easily choose the device that suits the needs of your family.

Live sound

Consumers buy a TV that not only has elements of design, image but also sound. Therefore, manufacturers from many brands grasp this and launch TV Soundbar to give users a better sound experience than using the TV’s speaker system.

Inside the TV Soundbar is equipped with 6 separate functions located in a single speaker and compact for sound like a 5.1 speaker system (equivalent to a speaker system with 6 speakers, 1 speaker for each function). With such a “6 in 1” speaker, the speaker gives a lively sound stream and sounds like a real movie theater.

In addition, the speaker is also equipped with modern audio technologies to increasingly enhance the user experience such as Dolby Atmos, DTS: X, AI Sound Pro, etc. You will definitely have an amazing experience like never before!

Compact and Elegant design

With large and bulky speakers displayed next to your big TV will cause a loss of sophistication and elegance. Since then, the Soundbar series has been designed to be extremely compact, modern and sophisticated.

It can be seen that 5.1 sound systems are very effective for enjoying surround sound, but they are too big with 6 speakers of all sizes and need a fairly large space. But with the soundbar, there is only 1 speaker as long as the TV and 1 more compact subwoofer that allows you to place it right near the TV.

You can even hang it on the wall or place it on a TV stand. With small display spaces, this is an extremely suitable speaker that not only saves space but also becomes a decorative device in the home.

Modern wireless technology

In the past, you have seen images of tangled wires from devices in your entertainment area such as TVs, speakers, drives, etc. But now, technology has developed, soundbar with USB, HDMI and external memory connections, providing convenience and simplicity in use in connecting to TV. Moreover, the soundbar also connects to wifi and bluetooth, allowing you to share music content via mobile devices for easy entertainment anytime, anywhere.

Best Soundbar for TCL TV with 3 models

1. TCL Alto 8i

TCL Alto 8i
TCL Alto 8i

The TCL Alto 8i is a simple, sleek, clean soundbar with an all-black design. It is mainly made of plastic. This soundbar isn’t very wide which makes it fit the legs of most 55″ TV stands. It’s also not very tall, so it can’t block your TV screen unless the TV is flat on a table.

This is a Best Soundbar for TCL TV with Dolby Atmos virtual surround sound and dual integrators. Dolby Atmos multi-dimensional sound gives depth and excitement so you can enjoy the experience like never before. Dedicated sound modes for music and movies help you have the most satisfying and wonderful hours of entertainment.

It has 260 watts of power providing powerful sound with built-in subwoofers. You can enjoy smoother setup, easy access to audio settings, and compatibility with your Roku TV remote.

It has a variety of connections including HDMI and optical, all designed to be a single cable. With this setup, you should have no problem connecting the TCL soundbar. Plus, with Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream all your favorite music and podcasts from apps like Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, etc.

Versatile connectivity: inputs include HDMI ARC, Aux/Audio (3.5 mm), Optical and USB. The TCL Alto 8i supports some of the more popular audio formats via its ARC port. In addition, it also supports Dolby Digital and DTS content, commonly found on Blu-ray discs and streaming platforms.

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2. TCL Alto 9+

TCL Alto 9+
TCL Alto 9+

Soundbar TCL has a luxurious and modern design style with high-end 3.1 speaker system. The soundbar part is divided into 3 distinct and very complete speaker sections. Square subwoofer looks solid and powerful with modern wireless connectivity. You can mount the soundbar on the wall or place it in front of the TV as you like.

Soundbar Alto 9+ is also equipped with modern Dolby Atmos technology. All sounds are seamless, multi-dimensional and spread throughout the room. Bring you the feeling of 3D sound as if you were sitting in a theater.

With a lower price tag than competitors using Dolby Atmos technology, the TCL Alto 9+ uses fewer speakers. This is a Soundbar for 3.1 sound with 3 LCR (Left Center Right) speakers on the soundbar and 1 subwoofer. In return, this high-end speaker set for this TV is integrated with Ray-Danz Technology for the ability to respond to sound bands, creating a wider and more realistic soundstage.

Previously, the echo technology used in audio equipment was not new. But integrated into a soundbar, perhaps this is the first product. The curves on the surface of the TCL Alto 9+ sound bar will help the sound waves bounce around your room.

A special feature of Alto 9 Plus is its perfect compatibility with Roku TV devices. If you’re using a Roku TV and have this extra soundbar, you can control the soundbar with the TV’s remote. In addition, you also have many other advanced options that are very interesting.

Bluetooth technology allows for quick connection to mobile devices. You can connect and play music via smartphone, tablet easily.

The sound bar is also compatible with Chromecast and AirPlay 2, allowing iOS and Android phones and tablets to easily stream content directly to the Alto 9+. This is a Best Soundbar for TCL TV that you should consider buying.

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3. TCL Alto 6

TCL Alto 6

TCL Alto 6The TCL Alto 6 is a powerful and compact soundbar that delivers loud and clear sound thanks to Dolby Digital technology. The soundbar has an elegant design that will complement any home theater and will fit perfectly into your TCL TV and rooms that are not too large. Thanks to HDMI, USB and AUX inputs, setup is easy and quick.

With Bluetooth, you can stream your favorite music from your phone or other device. Plus, this soundbar is perfect for your Roku TV, giving you easy access to sound settings and compatibility with your TV’s remote.

The TCL Alto 6 also features TV Mode, which isolates the sound so people can focus fully on what they’re watching without being distracted by anything else.

You can connect to your TV via ARC HDMI, using optical digital or 3.5mm. There’s a USB port for playing music, and you can stream wirelessly using Bluetooth.

The TCL Alto 6 has a good build quality, mostly made from plastic, and the front of the bar is wrapped in a tight fabric to protect the speaker. However, the fabric can get torn or dirty if you don’t take good care of it. The subwoofer is made from MDF, which feels a bit more solid.

If you want a compact and powerful soundbar with good features, you should consider the TCL Alto 6. It also fulfills what you would expect in a soundbar. Indeed, we cannot help but mention TCL Alto 6 when discussing Best Soundbar for TCL TV.

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Above are 3 soundbars that are widely used and appreciated by the public in all aspects. If you are looking for a Best Soundbar for TCL TV then consider one of the three above. You can also learn more about the specifications or other important features you need in addition to the ones we mentioned. Please refer to the price that suits your budget.

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