How To Add JBL Speaker To Bluetooth With 4 Ways

If you’re eager to enhance your music experience or share your favorite tunes with friends using your JBL speakers, this article will guide you through four simple methods to connect your JBL Bluetooth speakers.

JBL Speakers – An Elegant Blend of Style and Acoustics

JBL, founded by James Bullough Lansing in 1946, is renowned for its line of exceptional loudspeakers. Today, it is owned by Samsung Electronics and is one of the most popular and trusted speaker brands, offering a range of high-end to affordable products.

JBL speakers are not only commonly seen at rock concerts and music festivals, but they are also favored by major car brands like Ford, Nissan, and Toyota. With manufacturing locations worldwide, including China and Mexico, JBL caters to the diverse preferences and needs of its users.

JBL speakers

Distinctive Product Design

JBL speakers boast an exquisite and luxurious design, featuring a tasteful combination of black plastic and a metallic logo. Each product line offers unique and diverse designs that suit various spaces and purposes.

Impeccable Sound Quality

JBL speakers deliver exceptional sound quality with rich and deep bass, smooth mid-range tones, and crystal-clear highs. The captivating and authentic sound produced by JBL speakers allows listeners to savor the intricacies of every note. These speakers excel in delivering a satisfying audio experience, whether you’re enjoying music or watching movies. Their sturdy construction ensures a seamless sound performance even at higher frequencies.

Advantages of JBL Speakers

  • JBL speakers provide an immersive audio experience with their exceptional sound quality. The combination of rich bass, clear mids, and crisp highs guarantees a realistic and captivating soundstage.

  • These speakers are widely favored for music listening and movie-watching purposes.

  • JBL speakers feature modern and impressive designs with sleek lines and rounded corners, enhancing the aesthetics of any space.

  • Crafted with high-quality materials, including wood speaker cabinets, JBL speakers ensure durability and the production of high-quality sound.

  • Even at high frequencies, JBL speakers effectively pair with amplifiers or audio signal amplifiers, delivering vibrant and dynamic music, particularly in large-scale concerts.

  • JBL offers a wide range of prices, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of customers.

Drawbacks of JBL Speakers

  • Some JBL Bluetooth speakers have limited coverage, primarily suited for smaller spaces. While Bluetooth 4.0 provides connectivity up to 100m, JBL speakers have a safer distance of only 10m.

  • These speakers have a limited usage time since they require battery charging during usage, causing inconvenience.

Instructions for Connecting JBL Bluetooth Speakers using JBL Partyboost Technology

Step 1: Connect Your JBL Speaker to the Music Source

Establish a Bluetooth connection between your phone and the desired JBL speaker by pressing the Bluetooth button and searching for the speaker within your Bluetooth devices.

Step 2: Initiate the Connection

Press the Partyboost connect button on all JBL speakers you want to link. Within 30 seconds, all your JBL Bluetooth speakers will be successfully connected.

JBL Partyboost

Step 3: Download the JBL Portable App

Download and open the JBL Portable app, which will display the connected JBL Bluetooth speakers. You can find the app in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 4: Choose Stereo or Party Mode

In the app, select Stereo mode if you desire a stereo sound experience with two connected JBL speakers. If you prefer all your JBL Bluetooth speakers to play the same audio simultaneously, choose Party mode.

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Instructions for Connecting JBL Bluetooth Speakers using JBL Connect+ Technology

Step 1: Connect to Your Speaker

Begin by connecting the desired JBL speaker to your phone via Bluetooth. Press the Bluetooth button on the speaker and search for it in your Bluetooth device list.

Step 2: Start Playing Music

Start playing your desired music as you normally would. You’ll notice the music playing through one of the connected JBL Bluetooth speakers.

Step 3: Establish the Connection

Press the JBL Connect+ button on all the JBL Bluetooth speakers you wish to connect. Within 30 seconds, all the speakers will seamlessly connect. Confirm that the music is playing through the entire JBL Bluetooth speaker system. Disconnecting is as easy as pressing the JBL Connect+ button again on any of the connected speakers and waiting for the disconnection.

JBL Connect+

Both JBL Connect+ and JBL Partyboost technologies allow up to 100 different JBL speakers to be paired, ensuring the ultimate soundstage when using speakers that support the same technology. Note that JBL speakers with JBL Connect+ technology cannot connect with speakers using JBL Partyboost technology.

Instructions for Connecting JBL Speakers Wirelessly using True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Technology

Step 1: Connect to Your Speaker

Start by connecting the JBL speaker you want to use with your phone. Press the Bluetooth button and search for the JBL Bluetooth speaker within your Bluetooth devices.

Step 2: Wirelessly Connect Two JBL Speakers with TWS

For specific models like the JBL PartyBox 110 Speaker, JBL Partybox 310 Speaker, and JBL PartyBox 710 Speaker, press the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) button on both speakers until both speaker lights flash simultaneously. By default, one speaker will act as the main speaker (left channel), while the other functions as the secondary speaker (right channel), providing a stereo sound experience.

To exit TWS mode:

Power off the speakers or press the TWS button on either JBL speaker to disconnect.

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Instructions for Connecting JBL Speakers using Daisy Chain Technology

Daisy Chain technology enables the analog connection of multiple JBL Bluetooth speakers, creating a larger soundstage. To set this up, you will need to purchase 3.5mm 2-ended wires.

Step 1: Connect to Your Speaker

Begin by connecting the desired JBL Bluetooth speaker to your phone via Bluetooth. Press the Bluetooth button on the speaker and search for it within your Bluetooth devices. If desired, you can connect a microphone or instrument to the JBL speaker to set up a performance stage.

Step 2: Pair the Speakers through 3.5mm 2-ended Wires (additional purchase required)

Pair JBL Bluetooth speakers of the same type by connecting them through the AUX IN and AUX OUT ports using the 2-ended 3.5mm wire.

Note: Start with the JBL speaker connected to your Bluetooth device. Connect the AUX OUT port of the first speaker to the AUX IN port on the same speaker. To connect a third speaker, repeat this process, connecting the AUX OUT port of the second speaker to the AUX IN port on the third speaker. You can continue this daisy chaining setup to connect an unlimited number of speakers, expanding your preferred soundstage.

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Manufacturing Locations of JBL Speakers

While Harman’s JBL speakers are based in the US, not all JBL speaker products are manufactured there. Many JBL speakers are labeled as being made in China, Mexico, and other countries.

Rest assured, JBL speakers produced in countries like China, Mexico, and Indonesia maintain excellent quality and adhere to American standards. JBL has established manufacturing plants in these countries to ensure competitive pricing and efficient distribution.

Manufacturing Locations

Why Are JBL Speakers So Popular?

JBL speakers have gained immense popularity due to their numerous benefits. They satisfy customers with their remarkable sound quality, appealing design, and reasonable prices.

1. Diverse Product Lines

The JBL speaker brand offers a wide range of products, including traditional karaoke speakers, specialized speakers, Bluetooth speakers, as well as auxiliary speakers like ceiling and garden speakers. With models available at various price points, you can easily find a JBL speaker that fits your budget.

2. Exceptional Sound Quality

JBL speakers are renowned for their unparalleled sound quality. They provide incredibly vivid, clear audio, featuring deep bass, precise highs, and smooth mid-range details. This extraordinary sound reproduction sets JBL apart from other speaker brands.

3. Striking Design

In addition to their remarkable sound quality, JBL home speakers exhibit meticulous design. From karaoke speakers to Bluetooth speakers, each product line showcases a luxurious and stylish design with modern features. JBL speakers seamlessly blend into any home or theater setting.

Overall, these three reasons illustrate why JBL speakers have become the most popular speaker brand worldwide.

We hope this article on how to add your JBL speaker to Bluetooth using four different methods has provided you with valuable information.