How To Clean Speaker On Phone Easily

Smartphones are now indispensable items for many people. However, after a period of use, the speaker of a smartphone is often dusty, especially with a lot of dirt that you cannot see with the naked eye. Let’s learn how to clean the phone speaker through How To Clean Speaker On Phone Easily.

Why do you need to clean the speakerphone?

The speaker phone is a very vulnerable part. They are separated by a small mesh and are easy to get clogged if there is dirt, especially dust, sand, and bacteria. If you use the phone with dirty hands, the environment is dusty, the risk of contamination will increase, and they will settle and penetrate affecting the sound performance of the device. Then the following problems arise:

– During a call, the speaker’s voice will not be heard.

– Sound quality is constantly changing.

– Appears noises, and squeaks when playing sounds, hindering your conversation.

– Reduced audio processing capabilities.

So, How To Clean Speaker On Phone Easily believes that you need to quickly clean the speaker to quickly limit problems.

Some tips to clean phone speakers easily

Use soft items to clean the speakers


The simplest, safest, and fastest way to clean the speaker phone is that you can take advantage of available tools such as a soft-bristled toothbrush, cotton swab, and towel. You will use them and gently rub the speaker port to remove any dirt. In addition, if there is alcohol or acid, you can gently rub it to clean it more effectively, but be careful not to use too much alcohol.

Use duct tape


The second tip is to wrap the tape around a cotton swab or toothpick, leaving the sticky side out. Then gently thread this tube of tape into the hole of the speaker. Dirt and debris will stick to the tape and get out of the speakers as well. If the tape is dirty, replace it with a new layer of tape. This is the next tip in How To Clean Speaker On Phone Easily.

Use compressed air to blow away dirt


There is a note that you should not use your mouth to blow dust on the external speaker or the 3.5mm audio port. Because when you use your mouth to blow, the droplets can follow the blow and shoot directly into the speaker and the audio port, from which the internal components are at greater risk of damage. The best way is to use specialized compressed air sprays to clean electronics, it will take a little investment but is much more effective.

Clean the headphone port with a cotton swab


This is also the next way that How To Clean Speaker On Phone Easily sends to you. The audio port is the one with the most bacteria. The accumulation of dirt will reduce the sound quality by reducing the contact between the microphone jack, the headset, and the phone. Use cotton swabs to gently clean this port.

How to clean android phone speakers

Step 1: Power off the device to minimize the risk of doing so.

Step 2: For android devices, you can use a small knife to open the back cover.

Step 3: Remove the sim card from the device.

Step 4: Use screws to open the small screws of the phone.

Step 5: Gently remove the protective inner case from the phone, you can easily see the inner and outer speaker diaphragms of the phone.

Step 6: Using cotton swabs, and adhesive tape, gently clean them, to avoid tearing the diaphragm.

Step 7: Put the devices back as they were.

How to clean speaker phone Samsung

To clean the speaker on a Samsung phone, you need to locate the speaker. For new Samsung models, the speakerphone of the speaker is usually designed at the bottom next to the charging pin, and for older Samsung speakers, they are usually designed on the top of the back of the phone. The steps to clean Samsung speakers in How To Clean Speaker On Phone Easily are as follows:

Step 1: Turn off the phone to make sure that your hands do not touch the functions on the screen, as well as ensure the safety of the phone in the process.

Step 2: Use a cotton ball to clean the small holes on the speaker strip. Because the hole is quite small, you can use a sharp toothpick, press the cotton and then thread it into those holes to clean.

Step 3: In case the holes on the groove are dusty for a long time and are too difficult to clean, wrap a little masking tape in the holes so that they can get dusted out, or use alcohol, soak a cotton ball and clean it. speaker hole.

Step 4: If the above steps still can’t clean, you can use a mini vacuum cleaner, aerosol spray, or alcohol to soak the toothbrush head and gently rub it on the speaker groove until it’s clean.

Step 5: If using alcohol, you must leave the phone in a well-ventilated place to let the alcohol fly out of the device. Alcohol evaporates quickly, so you don’t need to worry about the speaker getting wet due to alcohol.

Step 6: Restart the device, and test if the sound of the speaker is stable and of better quality.

Step 7: If you still encounter errors such as not cleaning, take the device to the repair shop for them to handle it as quickly as possible.

Some frequently asked questions


How to make the speakerphone not dusty?

After a period of use, any device or product can get dusty, and the phone cannot avoid that. However, you can limit dust on the speakerphone by using a case, leaving the phone in a dust-free place, and regularly cleaning the phone. In places with a lot of dust, if not necessary, you can put your phone in your bag instead of your hand to protect your phone from pollution and dust around.

How to clean the phone speaker dust inside?

You can clean the dust in the speakerphone in many ways as above, depending on the type of phone, there are different ways. A soft brush can be used to clean dust, an air spray can be used to clean the speaker holes to push the dust away.

Why is the phone able to suck dust inside?

There are many reasons why the inside of the phone is dusty

Cause 1: Because users use dirty hands to hold the phone, the dust will stick and fall through small holes such as the charging jack, headphone jack, and external speaker,…

Cause 2: Due to the use environment with a lot of fine dust, lithium dust, and uncontrollable by the user, they can fly into the phone without our knowledge.

Cause 3: The phone uses a magnet. This is a cause few people can guess, but some phones use neodymium magnets. These are magnets with strong magnetic fields, they can attract and hold impurities, especially metal dust, into the device.

Above that, some share How To Clean Speaker On Phone Easily. Hope this information helps you to have more experience and make it easier.