The Best Speaker For Laptop: Creative Pebble V2 Review

Which is the Best Speaker For Laptop? One compromise we all have to make as smart TVs and computers get smaller, lighter, and thinner is that their overall audio performance will deteriorate. Small speakers don’t just cut the sound, and the way it comes out on a TV or laptop makes you unhappy.

You will probably be looking for an external speaker to improve your audio experience. Luckily for you, there are plenty of desktop speakers that compete for your ears, but very few live up to the standards in both sound quality and appearance. Despite the fact that the Creative Labs Pebble V2 is an improvement over the first Pebble, is a stylish speaker set that complements any high-end laptop or neon-lit gaming desktop. In this article, we will provide you with information about the best speaker for laptop so that you can make a decision about whether to choose it or not.

Is Creative Pebble V2 The Best Speaker For Laptop?

Creative Pebble V2

Sound Quality

I am quite pleased with the sound quality of the Pebble V2 considering the form factor and price. The passive subwoofers certainly contribute to the extra bass that the speakers really require for a more complete sound, although the tone of the speakers is a bit bright.

The treble and bass balance clearly leans more towards the treble, this is probably due to the speaker being so small. While a little more bass would be nice, the amount of bass these speakers manage to produce considering their compact side is still astounding. I’ve found that turning the volume up a bit helps with more noticeable bass, as this is likely due to a passive subwoofer.

Placing the drivers oriented at a 45° angle makes for a better listening experience because the speakers point toward my ears. Also excellent and distinct is the stereo separation between the speakers.

Also, the speakers can get quite loud, which is great if you want to use this best speaker for a presentation or if you just want to blast the sound in your room.


Creative Pebble V2

Since the Pebble is spherical, as its name suggests, this best speaker for laptop has a modest footprint on your desk because the speaker tapers to the bottom. The speaker has a matte plastic surface that blends well with the desk and is easy to collect dust. It also means that if you need to relocate the speakers, there won’t be any fingerprints on them.

Each speaker has a 2-inch driver up front and a passive subwoofer at the rear to aid in a bass boost. When this best speaker for laptop drivers is on your desk, it tilts 45 degrees so that it faces you. This placement helps to ensure a better listening experience as the speaker drivers are directed toward your ears.

The right speaker is connected to the left speaker with a 4.4-foot cable. The left speaker is simple and has the Creative logo on the front.

The center of the Pebble system is located on the right speaker. The right speaker has 3.5mm USB and AUX connections for connecting to a computer. While I’d love to have all of these cords detachable, this is only really a problem if you’re going to be moving the speaker around often.

Volume control and power LED are also located on the right speaker. This Best speaker for laptop also has gain control on the underside that you can use to boost the speaker’s maximum output, however, to do so requires a 10-watt USB-C or USB-A connector.

Both speakers have rubber feet on the underside to keep this best speaker for laptop from moving on your desk and taking up your space.


Creative Pebble V2


If you have a computer or laptop with USB Type-C onboard, you can power these speakers directly from your laptop without a shield thanks to the USB compatibility Available Type-C of Pebble V2. This is great news, especially for MacBook owners forced to use USB Type-C.

No need to worry if your device doesn’t support USB Type-C; Creative offers a USB-A to Type-C adapter in the package, allowing you to charge the speaker with any device.

Unfortunately, the speaker is the only device powered by USB. The 3.5mm AUX cord must still be connected to your smartphone. While you can’t really complain about them given the price, it would be great if these speakers could only work over USB for both power and audio.

I was able to connect this best speaker for laptop to my desktop on the floor and of course the laptop on the table thanks to the 4ft length of the non-removable cord. The option to move the speaker position using the switch on the speaker is something I’d love to see, as this best speaker for laptop has all connections fixed to be a stereo-fit speaker.


Creative Pebble V2 speakers are a great choice if you’re looking for a set of desktop speakers to enhance your listening experience on a tight budget. They sound great for the price and form factor and are a great bargain.