The Best Speaker For Laptop: Creative Pebble V2 Review


As our smart TVs and laptops become smaller and sleeker, we often have to compromise on the quality of their audio performance. The tiny speakers built into these devices often leave us unsatisfied with their lackluster sound. That’s where external speakers come in, offering an improved audio experience. Among the many options available, the Creative Labs Pebble V2 stands out as a stylish and high-performing speaker set that complements any premium laptop or neon-lit gaming desktop. In this article, we will explore whether the Creative Pebble V2 is the best speaker for laptops.

Is the Creative Pebble V2 the Perfect Laptop Speaker?

Sound Quality

Considering its compact size and affordable price, the Pebble V2 delivers impressive sound quality. The inclusion of passive subwoofers adds extra depth to the bass, although the overall tone of the speakers leans towards the treble side. While a touch more bass would be welcome, the Pebble V2 manages to produce remarkable bass for its small stature. Increasing the volume enhances the bass, thanks to the built-in passive subwoofer.

The drivers of the Pebble V2 are positioned at a 45° angle, ensuring a better listening experience as they directly face the listener’s ears. The stereo separation between the speakers is outstanding, adding to the overall enjoyment.

Moreover, these speakers can reach high volume levels, making them suitable for presentations or simply filling a room with sound.


The distinctive spherical design of the Pebble V2 reduces its footprint on your desk while providing an elegant aesthetic. The matte plastic surface blends seamlessly with any desk setup and is resistant to fingerprints and dust accumulation.

Each speaker features a 2-inch driver on the front and a passive subwoofer at the rear, contributing to a boosted bass response. Placing the speakers at a 45° angle ensures that they directly face the listener for optimal audio projection.

The left and right speakers are connected by a 4.4-foot cable. The left speaker, adorned with the Creative logo, maintains a clean and minimalistic look.

On the right speaker, you’ll find the central control hub. It includes USB and AUX ports for easy connection to your laptop. While it would be convenient to have detachable cables, this only becomes an issue if you frequently move the speakers.

Additionally, the right speaker houses volume controls, a power LED, and an underside gain control to boost the maximum output of the speakers. However, using the gain control requires a 10-watt USB-C or USB-A connector.

Rubberized feet on the underside of both speakers ensure stability on your desk, preventing any unwanted movement.


The Pebble V2 offers USB Type-C compatibility, allowing direct power supply from laptops equipped with this port, eliminating the need for an extra power source. This is particularly advantageous for MacBook users who primarily rely on USB Type-C connections.

For devices without USB Type-C support, the package includes a USB-A to Type-C adapter, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices.

It’s worth noting that while the speakers are powered by USB, the 3.5mm AUX cord still needs to be connected separately for audio input. Although the inclusion of USB-only connectivity would be ideal, given the price point, this setup is understandable.

The non-removable 4-foot cord provides versatility in speaker placement, allowing users to connect the Pebble V2 to a desktop on the floor or a laptop on the table. However, it would be even better if the speakers offered the flexibility to switch speaker position, as they are fixed as a stereo-fit speaker.


For those on a tight budget seeking to enhance their audio experience, the Creative Pebble V2 speakers are an excellent choice. With their compact size, impressive sound quality, and attractive design, they offer great value for money. Whether you’re a laptop user or have a neon-lit gaming setup, the Pebble V2 is definitely worth considering.

Creative Pebble V2

Creative Pebble V2

Creative Pebble V2

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