The Best Trucker Headset With 5 Coolest Models

The best trucker headset that you can use for hours without discomfort and still hear the person on the other end of the line. You want a headset that clips behind your head or into your ears using an ear hook instead of an over-the-ear section. This article will analyze 5 different types of headsets that fit these requirements and are a great choice for truck drivers around the world.

While working or playing video games, some people use headphones. The Bluetooth headset market is quite diverse. Over the past few years, demand for the best trucker headset has increased.

Some people prefer using speakers over Bluetooth headphones because they feel uncomfortable. I can discuss the advantages of using a Bluetooth headset. I can assist you in finding your ideal Bluetooth headset.

The Best Trucker Headset – Top 5 Fantastic Suggestions

BlueParrott B550-XT

BlueParrott B550-XT

The BlueParrot B550-XT headset has become the standard headset for truckers. This is mainly due to greater noise reduction, ensuring that you can be heard clearly during phone calls. Plus, you can use it inside and outside of your car without breaking the connection thanks to its wireless range of up to 200 feet.

In addition, this best trucker headset is dust and water resistant thanks to its IP54 rating. Additionally, it can operate in temperatures from -10°C to 60°C (14°F and 140°F), making it ideal for use in both cold and wet as well as hot and dusty environments.

You might think that’s great, but full voice control has to be one of the best features. Without moving a muscle, it gives you complete control over your phone calls and music.

Depending on your preference, any of the two variants of the B450-XT could be a great replacement for previous models.

One difference between the two is that although both offer up to 24 hours of talk time, the standby time of the B550-XT is just over 400 hours and that of the B450-XT up to 500 hours. In addition, the B550-XT takes 30 minutes to charge longer and weighs an additional 4 grams (165g).

However, the B550-XT has Pro voice control, which you won’t have on the previous model.

Angteela BM-9

Angteela BM-9

You won’t have to spend a fortune anymore to buy a headset that can block out distracting noises around you. The Angela BM-9 uses a noise-canceling microphone to isolate your voice during calls so that no one can hear the rumbling caused by your passing trucks and cars.

While no specific range for noise cancellation has been specified, there’s no denying that this best trucker headset can effectively drown out trucks and roads so others can hear you clearly. clear.

The on-ear controls can also be used to activate Siri, manage music and calls, and more.

There is no doubt that this best trucker headset fully meets the necessary criteria of a headset for truckers. However, you should check your expectations when setting prices as they won’t exactly match the more expensive pairs in some respects.

For example, the microphone has a mute feature, however, its use requires pressing the “+” and “-” keys simultaneously. If you need to mute and unmute frequently, this can be troublesome and quickly becomes a concern.

However, comfort may be the biggest negative of this situation. Pressure from the earcup can be painful with long-term use, especially for people with large heads. The microphone can be adjusted 270 degrees, so you can help with this by switching sides, but if you have to do this while driving, it can quickly get annoying.

Blue Tiger Elite Ultra

Blue Tiger Elite Ultra

Another excellent choice is the Blue Tiger Elite Ultras. They can reduce road and truck engine noise by up to 96% and offer the longest battery life of any headset on our list, which is a major benefit. They just fall short because the wireless range is smaller than the BlueParrot B550-XT and they lack official IP certification.

The Elite Ultra offers a total of 60 hours of talk time, 26 hours more than the 34 hours offered by Blue Tiger Elite USA, the previous model. A significant improvement over Elite USA’s 600-hour standby rating is the Elite Ultras’ 1200-hour standby rating.

While this best trucker headset has excellent noise cancellation and accessibility, we have to deduct some points for its longevity. Due to its thin construction, the rotating mic boom is prone to breakage if applied with enough pressure. While the headset is relatively light, it seems to come at the expense of durability.



The TECKNET TK-HS001 headphones, which have a 100% noise level of 0.4%, have the largest noise suppression ratio on this list. This makes this best trucker headset great for canceling loud noises from your truck or nearby roads. Without the constant noise of your surroundings, whoever you’re talking to will hear you clearly.

In addition, the durability is excellent. The inside of the headband is made of metal, while the majority of the headset is made of thick plastic. You don’t need to worry about it breaking on the first drop as overall it seems really sturdy and substantial.

The earcups have an easily accessible mute button while driving. Using the side controls, you can adjust the music and volume. In addition, the microphone has a 135° rotation so you can move the microphone out when not in use.

However, the headset rests on your ear instead of covering it. In addition, the headset is quite heavy due to its solid construction. Due to the pressure on your ears and the top of your head, this combination can make the headphones quite comfortable to wear for more than three hours. The pressure can be reduced and equalized if there is a cushion on the other side.

Plantronics Voyager 5200

Plantronics Voyager 5200

The Plantronics Voyager 5200 in-ear headphones are a lightweight option if you like something that can be easily transported. The microphone can record your speech while reducing background noise using four noise-canceling microphones and Digital Signal Processing (DSP). The six layers of WindSmart technology, using a unique algorithm to reduce wind noise, aim to improve this only.

This best trucker headset’s mute warning is quite helpful. The headset will notify you if you accidentally mute it while talking so you can mute it yourself. Therefore, if you forget to pause the music on shutdown, it won’t drain your battery. It also contains smart sensor technology.

Unfortunately, its battery cannot match the batteries of the other larger headphones on our list due to their small size. If you often use them while driving, they will need to be recharged as their battery life is limited to 7 hours.


Again, we recommend exploring alternatives in our article if you’re looking for the best Bluetooth headphones for trucks as we’ve extensively evaluated each one. To determine the best trucker headset, we also consulted with some of our trucker friends.

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