The Best Kenwood Truck Sound System Review

You’ll agree with us when we say Kenwood is a well-known brand when it comes to excellent speakers. They have a long history of building excellent truck sound systems. Kenwood’s competencies now include quality, hardware, design, and performance.

We chose to evaluate a set of Kenwood car speakers to see if their merchandise lived up to expectations.

This article provides a lot of information about Kenwood speakers along with an extremely thorough truck sound system review.

The Kenwood Truck Sound System Review


Kenwood KFC-6966

One of the best brands on the market is Kenwood. They promise that their truck sound system will work well and last a long time. This also applies to Kenwood KFC-6966. It is constructed of a durable blend of PVC components. We discovered that the outer shell has a lot of resilience against internal and external forces after going through many quality tests. It allows the speaker to operate for a longer time without any loss of sound quality.

High-performance interior hardware complements the robust exterior. The polypropylene cones give the speaker the ability to produce organic sound output. In addition, it offers a three-way car speaker configuration with a separate dome tweeter. With the help of this feature, the speaker can give you effects with deeper bass and treble without causing any distortion.

These speakers are made by Kenwood to fit any vehicle. This truck sound system has a typical 69-inch size. We’ve put it inside many cars and found that it fits snugly and shows no signs of shifting in any of them. This truck sound system also has a larger surface area. By providing louder sound, it allows speakers to improve their audio experience.


Kenwood KFC-6966

Design of speakers

In terms of sound output, a truck sound system‘s design is quite important. It affects how sound effects are projected and how they sound. These speakers’ large surface area ensures that the sound you hear is even and natural.

We tested this truck sound system in vehicles with various cabin sizes and found no change in sound. Because of its oval form, it can reduce any unwanted echoes that might otherwise disrupt the sound output’s smooth flow.

The sound in your car is also affected by the bigger surface area. No matter if you are in the front or the back seat, you will hear the same sound because it is distributed evenly throughout the cabin.

Sound Quality

When it comes to the truck sound system, sound quality is quite crucial. It is essential for improving your overall listening experience. High-quality audio is produced to an extraordinary standard by this Kenwood door speaker.

It can produce organic sounds since it has a separate set of dome tweeters within. As a result, there is little to no distortion in the sounds you hear. The impacts in the bass and treble are likewise improved and intensified.

We tested this speaker at several volume settings and discovered that it maintained its excellent sound quality at each one. Higher volume levels didn’t cause the sound effects to explode or burst. Additionally, it kept the audio output’s vocals in sharp focus.


Car speakers’ resilience is crucial when it comes to their performance. It makes them able to withstand both internal and external harm. All of that is what the Kenwood KFC-6966 speakers are designed to do.

We put these speakers through a number of tests and discovered that they are incredibly durable on the outside. The PVC materials utilized in it have a high level of shock and vibration resistance.

Furthermore, the speaker’s housing offers the internal hardware adequate security. Speakers in cars are vulnerable to damage from internal vibrations. This set of Kenwood speakers effectively addresses that issue.


truck sound system

Even though it’s crucial, the power-handling feature of a truck sound system is frequently disregarded. It immediately affects sound quality and speaker longevity, which are two important factors.

The speakers in the Kenwood KFC series are built with excellent power-handling hardware. We looked at the internal components of these speakers and found that they contained robust magnets and high-grade copper wiring.

Furthermore, both low and high-power inputs allowed this pair of car door speakers to function effectively. Particularly on low power input, we saw that it didn’t exhibit any indicators of a performance decline. Low power was effectively managed by the tweeters.


There are many different mounting choices and speaker styles for automobiles. Because of this, it’s challenging for them to fit in every automobile, although Kenwood offers speakers with a standard mounting depth. They can fit nearly all vehicles.

Four mounting holes are included with this pair of Kenwood automobile speakers. We tested installing in a few different vehicles and came to the conclusion that mounting them with Phillips 4-head screws is pretty simple.

A few Phillips 4-head screws, along with a screwdriver, are all you need to install your speakers to your car doors. It is simple to mount and dismount them. Without the assistance of a pro, you can complete it with ease.